Credit to the rest of the non-HROK income

Considering the recent decline in the number of unemployed persons, but also the high level of indebtedness of citizens and creditworthiness; Together, the banks barely had anyone else to lend to (at least “good loans” they could count on), financial and lending companies began to offer so-called loans to over-indebted citizens for the remainder of […]

What is a Ninja Loan?

The Ninja Loan is a loose acronym from No Income, No Job, No Assets, and the term also represents something of a word game. Due to the fact that a ninja loan is expected to be in default, the borrower is described as being a ninja because he or she can so easily disappear, especially […]

What is a Rehab Loan?

A Rehab loan is a loan used primarily in home or building rehabilitation. These types of loans can be made through traditional lenders, but are often insured by a government agency to make the risk more acceptable to the lender. The Government sees the investment as a good way to rehabilitate and revitalize neighborhoods, and […]

What is a subprime loan?

If you cannot qualify for a loan or have difficulty obtaining credit through the normal channels, then a subprime loan may be your next port of call. A subprime loan is a loan often offered that is not a prime loan candidate as a person with a bad credit record. The interest rate on a […]

What is Pension Loan?

Pension is a loan given to pensioners or pensioners, where their future pension payments are used as collateral. On a typical retirement loan, the pensioner will take a lump sum cash in the short term in return for a number of his retirement benefits in the future. While there are many potential pitfalls to be […]