10 Best Netflix Movies Releasing In 2021 (So Far), According To IMDb

Netflix dominates the streaming competition with its accumulation of original films, including Oscar-winning films like Rome and man. In 2021, Netflix has continued to release outstanding films which include many notable comedies and dramas.

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Netflix has plenty of movies slated for the rest of the year, such as Do not seek and Army of thieves, so there is still time to release their best films of the year. Nonetheless, the streaming platform has released numerous films this year, and a few have already received critical acclaim.

ten Malcolm & Marie – 6.7

Zendaya and John David Washington in Malcolm & Marie

In Malcolm & Marie, the titular couple return home after attending a premiere of Malcolm’s film inspired by Mary’s darker past. But instead of a night of partying, they discuss the merits of their relationship throughout that single night and wonder if it’s worth it.

Sam Levinson’s romantic drama dives into the ups and downs of a vibrant, flawed relationship. Despite some issues with the script and overblown dialogue, the film is neat, with black-and-white cinematography and one place to focus on the anger and frustration presented by the couple. John David Washington and Zendaya put on a powerful and spectacular performance and never lose any momentum in their dynamics throughout the film.

9 The Street of Fear, Part 2: 1978 – 6.7

Every jump scares and kills in Fear Street 1978 Arnie

The Fear street The trilogy became an overnight hit on Netflix this summer. This slasher series follows the spooky murders that take place in Shadyside, and a group of locals attempt to break the curse that has fallen on them.

The Street of Fear, Part 2: 1978 flashbacks to the 1978 wave of murders at Camp Nightwing, as C. Berman recounts his survival and the heartbreaking loss of his older sister. The sequel is bloodier, more exciting and emotional, while also reminiscent of nostalgia for classic ’70s slasher films. It also focuses on the chemistry between characters, such as Ziggy and Cindy, whose story makes audiences upbeat, despite their predetermined fate. It’s a fantastic addition to the storytelling of the trilogy, with some incredible performances from the cast, so it’s no surprise that Second part is the best of the trilogy.

8 Penguin flower – 6.8

Tragedy strikes the Bloom family when Samantha Bloom becomes paralyzed after an accident. Soon, the family welcomes home an injured magpie who changes their lives.

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Based on a true story, Penguin flower is a heartfelt film that focuses on the resilience and survival of a family after an unfortunate accident. He uses emotional and inspiring storytelling to tell the story of adaptation and growth while feeding a magpie. The highlight of the film is Naomi Watts, who presents a spectacular and moving performance as Samantha Bloom.

7 Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans – 6.8

Guardians of Arcadia in Trollhunters Rise of the Titans

Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans concludes the adventure of Tales of Arcadia franchise. The Guardians of Arcadia prepare together for their final battle when the Arcane Order awakens the Titans.

While the movie might not be the best in the franchise, it still features the high-stakes battles with incredible visuals and the storytelling of an epic adventure that’s fitting enough to wrap up the series. It ties everything in the series together and leaves an intriguing end to the plot.

6 Value – 6.8

WORTH Netflix Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci

Value follows events after the 9/11 terrorist attack when Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer, accepts an impossible task to calculate the value of life to compensate families who have lost loved ones. He faces challenges when Charles Wolf, a husband who lost his wife in the bombings, organizes a community to criticize their efforts and is cynical about his intentions.

This biopic explores the initial frustrations faced by families that turn into compassion, sympathy, and unity. It presents the journey to becoming more righteous rather than just doing a job, which allows this powerful drama to end on a note full of hope and humanity, given the sensitive nature of its story.

5 Pieces of a Woman – 7.1

Vanessa Kirby in Pieces of a Woman

A young woman grieves when she loses her baby. She tries to move on, but it only affects her relationship with those close to her.

Pieces of a woman begins with an intensely powerful and moving childbirth scene that slowly follows and follows Martha Weiss’ journey to acceptance and forgiveness. As the film progresses, viewers empathize with the character in his efforts to deal with the pain and suffering of losing a child. Vanessa Kirby puts on a powerful and breathtaking performance as the main character, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

4 The White Tiger – 7.1

The White Tiger Movie

The White Tiger follows the story of a lively and ambitious Indian driver who hopes to escape poverty. When a couple betrays him, he challenges the establishment and builds his empire as a wealthy businessman.

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The White Tiger is a gripping story that has both chills and humor. It tackles the themes of the class struggle and its struggle to overcome inequalities. The film is exceptional, as it has several twists and a brilliant performance from the cast, especially Adarsh ​​Gourav. The White Tiger received an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

3 The excavation – 7.1

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes in The Dig

In Excavation, an excavator and his team are digging in the land of a wealthy landowner when they suddenly stumble upon a wooden ship from the Dark Ages.

Excavation is one of the best movies about archaeologists and hidden treasures. It’s a visually pleasing film that showcases the beauty of the countryside while telling a moving story to uncover the treasures of Sutton Hoo. Of course, Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan also deliver a charming and brilliant performance in this educational and touching film.

2 Wish Dragon – 7.2

Dragon Wish Netflix

Din is a teenager who wants to reunite with his childhood best friend. He finally looks for a chance when he meets a wishing dragon who can make his most desired wishes come true.

Wish dragon is like a contemporary account of Aladdin, but it adds more humor and incorporates Chinese culture into its light history. The movie is fun and exciting, which makes it fun for families and kids to watch.

1 The Mitchells versus. Machines – 7.7

The Mitchell's ready to fight the robots.

The Mitchell family embarks on one last family trip before Katie Mitchell begins her new chapter in college. But their family trip takes a detour when they become humanity’s last hope to stop a robot invasion.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines has received critical and public acclaim for its refreshing story of a family renewing ties while saving the world. It’s a well-written, beautifully animated film that’s funny, touching, and entertaining, and the heartwarming story and aesthetic has something for the whole family to love.

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