10 Movies, Shows & Documentaries Coming This Week On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video And More

Who doesn’t like a week full of new things to savor? Intriguing premises, multiple genres, stellar casts, and huge entertainment potential – the next few days will have all of this and more for your streaming needs. If you are an Akshay Kumar fan but hesitated to watch the recent The lower end of the bell in theaters, don’t worry, as the film is already set to make its digital debut on Amazon Prime Video. If anthologies are more your thing, Netflix Ankahi Kahaniya is sure to grab your attention. Among the fan favorite series are Sex education and The morning show, who return with new seasons. Check out the full list of must-see choices this week.

1. You versus Wild: Outside the cold (September 14)

Survival expert Bear Grylls stars in a new interactive film that puts him in a freezing environment after a plane crash. The ice-ravaged mountains are no joke, and Grylls is faced with amnesia as he tries to save himself and the pilot from the relentless weather elements. Massive rock faces, dark and cold tunnels, and menacing forms of wildlife are just a few of the obstacles he must overcome before time runs out.

Streaming on Netflix

2. Night books (September 15)

Based on the 2018 horror-fantasy children’s book of the same name, this film revolves around the deadly dilemma of a little boy, Alex. Imprisoned by a witch and condemned to die, he offers to tell him a scary story every night to save himself. Now stuck in the magical maze of an apartment, Alex befriends her other prisoner, Yazmin, and the two decide to escape together before their captor decides to exterminate them.

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