10 things we know about upcoming The Walking Dead movies

With The Walking DeadThe impending end is in sight, fans are counting on spin-offs and movies that promise to continue the story after the series ends.

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The upcoming films were announced in 2018 after Rick Grimes left the show, promising a continuation of the post-apocalyptic hero’s story. However, the pandemic played a role in delaying the production of the trilogy, pushing the release further and further. Although the creators are taking their time developing the script, some information is known about the upcoming movies.


The Missing History of Rick Grimes

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in Walking Dead World Beyond

There have been many events in The Walking Dead who changed Rick Grimes, making him the force he is when he disappears at the end of Season 9.

It was tough to watch the last episode of Rick Grimes’ story on the show, but letting him live gave hope that fans could see him in action again. Although audiences have missed his presence in recent seasons, the films will give them the opportunity to see what happened to him in those years.

Late production

There are many theories about what will happen next The Walking Dead concludes, but one thing is certain, it is that the fans are going to have to wait a little longer to find out what happens to Rick.

It has been confirmed by a few people involved in the production of the films, including Andrew Lincoln, that they take their time developing the right script for the films. Last April, it was confirmed that they were still not filming, and there were no further updates to the contrary.

Potential trilogy

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Fans are excited to see the missing years of Rick’s journey after leaving the other survivors behind, and it’s also left them with a lot of questions about what the movie will entail.

It’s been discussed in most of the movie production-themed interviews that the plan is for three movies. While things often change between shots and actual productions, the concept of a trilogy leaves room for the story to have plenty of plot detail.

Located in Philadelphia

Rick Grimes and Philadelphia in The Walking Dead

Not much has been developed for the movies to show audiences what they’re going to get out of the film, but there have been some hints as to what to expect from the first film.

However, in July 2019, a trailer for the first film was shown at the San Diego Comic Convention, revealing a silhouette of Philadelphia, where the CRM headquarters is located. While not much else is known about the film’s setting, fans at least know where Rick’s story will begin.

Big screen only

Commonwealth zombie in The Walking Dead

The start of the trailer revealed little or nothing about the film’s subject matter, but it did at least confirm the setting and Rick as the focal point.

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Another breadcrumb trail in the particularly brief trailer was that the films would not originally air on AMC, as the series did. At the end of the trailer he said, “Rick Grimes Returns/Only In Theatres”. Whenever the movies hit the screen, it will be on the big screen.

Andrew Lincoln in Atlanta

In February 2022, Andrew Lincoln was spotted in Atlanta, where The Walking Dead movies, with Norman Reedus. While it’s likely that Lincoln and Reedus developed a close friendship over the years they played together, fans still wonder if he was seen in Atlanta because he was involved in filming the final season. .

If he was involved in the ending of the series, it’s possible audiences will get a glimpse of the storyline for upcoming movies.

Breadcrumbs for Michonne

Michonne (Danai Gurira) was a beloved character on the show until she left mid-season 10 after finding evidence that Rick was still alive.

In the 13th episode of season 10, Michonne found a drawing on a phone screen of her and Judith with confirmed Japanese letters to say “Believe a little longer”. The question then becomes, did Rick write this hoping that Michonne would find it one day, or was it just a message to encourage each other? Either way, Michonne’s journey to find Rick could mean she’ll make an appearance in the movies.

CRM as an antagonist?

Jadis and Elizabeth with a CRM helicopter in The Walking Dead World Beyond

The Civic Republic Army is the community that rescued Jadis and Rick from the creek after he blew up the bridge. In world beyond and Fear the living deadfans learn that this villainous community is made up of people who have chosen large groups to ensure they are the dominant power in the United States.

Although Rick Grimes has had a series of enemies throughout his history, the CRM is so powerful that he could meet his match in the movies.

Involvement of Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comics, wrote several episodes for the series and its spinoffs. He took an active role in the production of the series and it looks like he will be involved in the upcoming movies.

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At Comic-Con 2021, Kirkman spoke about his involvement with the project, though there wasn’t much to reveal. However, since he explained how careful they were during pre-production to make the film the best it could be, it’s clear he’ll be taking an active role in the creation.

Scott Gimple’s involvement

Scott Gimple

Scott Gimple was part of The Walking Dead since the second season, first writer and producer before becoming showrunner in 2013. He spoke about the delay in production due to the pandemic, telling Collider“It’s just that the current circumstances have given us a bit of extra time which we seem to need anyway.”

He, like Kirkman, emphasized his desire to make these films successful and captivating. While the mystery of Rick’s missing years is enough to draw audiences in, his dedication to the project is all the more promising.

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