10 Upcoming Movies And TV Shows Featuring The Cast Of She-Hulk

Marvel’s latest Disney+ series, She-Hulkcreated on August 18. Reviews are mixed, but most can agree that the cameos and special appearances are sure to hit their peak.

Bruce Banner is very present in the first episode. He shows his cousin what it means to be a Hulk. Other characters such as Nikki will likely mold Jennifer Walters to be the best she can be. It will be interesting to see how the cast brings these characters to life. If these actors live up to expectations, viewers need not worry about seeing them back on screen, as many of them have upcoming projects to get excited about.


ten Daredevil: Born Again – Charlie Cox

Expected 2024

Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock in daredevil before it was canceled by Netflix. Cox’s portrayal of the antihero is so beloved that Kevin Feige chose to incorporate him into the larger MCU.

One of Cox’s next projects is a new daredevil series, Daredevil: born again, should be released on Disney +. This show will be part of the larger MCU. The plot has yet to be revealed, but the series is named after a 1986 comic book story written by Frank Miller. Vincent D’Onofrio will reprise his role as Wilson Fisk, a portrayal just as beloved as Cox’s stint as Matt Murdock. Fans are hoping that other actors such as Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll will also return. Although not much else is known, fans were thrilled when Feige announced that the first season would consist of 18 episodes.

9 Invitation to a bonfire – Tatiana Maslany

Expected 2023

Tatiana Maslany plays Jennifer Walters, the main character of She-Hulk. After being exposed to Bruce’s blood and a large amount of gamma radiation, she becomes the titular superhero.

Maslany will play Vera Orlov in Invitation to a bonfirea thriller series that will be released on AMC in 2023 (by Deadline). This show is based on a novel by Adrienne Celt about Zoya, a young gardener in Russia who finds herself in a destructive love triangle with Vera and Vera’s husband. Maslany has worked with AMC in the past, and she starred in black orphan, a popular thriller series. Given her acting background and her history with the channel, Maslany is sure to kill it once again in this new series.

8 True Lies – Ginger Gonzaga

Expected 2023

Ginger Gonzaga plays Nikki Ramos, Jennifer’s best friend and co-worker. She knows Jen’s abilities and encourages her to be the best person she can be.

real lies is an action comedy series to be aired by CBS in 2023 (by Deadline). The show will follow a woman and her husband as she discovers he is a spy. Gonzaga plays the wife, Helen, alongside major stars such as Steve Howey, Omar Benson Miller and Erica Hernandez. This series is based on a 90s Arnold Schwarzenegger film of the same name. If this CBS show can be as well received as its predecessor, real lies could be a success.

seven The Magician’s Elephant – Benedict Wong

Expected 2023

Benedict Wong first played Wong in strange doctor. He had cameos in several MCU Phase 4 projects, with She-Hulk being his latest Marvel venture.

Benedict Wong will voice the magician in The magician’s elephantan upcoming animated film based on the children’s book by Kate DiCamillo (by Deadline). The book sees a boy go on an adventure in search of an elephant that would help him find his long-lost sister. Netflix invented this family fantasy drama and plans to release it in 2023. The magician’s elephant will be Wong’s third animated project, according to IMDb, with The flying machine and Off also on his acting resume. With such a distinct voice, it will be interesting to see him tackle voice work again.

6 Echo – Charlie Cox

Expected 2023

Charlie Cox has his hands full in the MCU, as he reprises his role as Matt Murdock. Given that She-Hulk is a lawyer show, it makes sense that he would appear in this series.

Hawk Eye reintroduced Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin in the MCU. It also brought the comic book character, Echo, into the expanding universe. This upcoming Disney+ series will explore the origin story of Maya Lopez (per The Hollywood Reporter). Fans are interested to see how Maya and Matt will interact, given that one of them is blind and the other is deaf. Marvel breaks new ground with this show, and hopefully they can accurately portray what it’s like to live with their respective disabilities.

5 The Great Door Award – Josh Segarra

Expected 2022

Josh Segarra has confirmed that he plays Pug in She-Hulk. In the comics, Pug is a colleague of Jennifer Walters. He has feelings for Jen, but they are often unrequited.

Josh Segarra will play Giorgio in The price of the big dooran Apple TV comedy series based on a book by MO Walsh (by iMore). It follows the citizens of Deerfield as they investigate the appearance of a magical fortune teller at a local grocery store. Josh is good at comedy projects, his most recent being The two others and Moody’s. He also appeared in every episode of AJ and the Queen. Fans shouldn’t worry Segarra landed the role just like he did in his previous comedies.

4 Last King of the Cross – Tim Roth

Expected 2022

Like many other actors in this series, Tim Roth reprises his role as Emil Blonsky in She-Hulk. The Abomination also made a brief appearance fighting Wong at a fight club in Shang Chi.

Tim Roth will play Ezra Shipman in Last King of the Crossan upcoming biopic to get excited about (by Deadline). This drama series is based on an autobiography by John Ibrahim, a man who played a prominent role in the Australian crime syndicate. Ezra is the main antagonist of the series, something Roth has a lot of experience portraying. He also has a lot of experience in biopics, with Selma and Grace of Monaco one of his latest projects. With his spectacular acting resume, there’s no doubt Roth will thrive on the new show.

3 Poor Things – Mark Ruffalo

Expected 2022

Returning to the MCU, Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner in this latest Disney+ series. He helps his cousin accept her new abilities.

Ruffalo will star alongside Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe in poor things (by Variety). This film is based on a novel by Alisdair Gray about a young woman brought back to life by a scientist. It is written as a modern account of the Frankenstein story. To see these three members of the Marvel family reunited for this film is thrilling and with the immense talent that each of them exhibits, poor things is sure to be loaded with fantastic performance.

2 We have a ghost – Steve Coulter

Expected 2022

Steve Coulter plays Holden Holliway, a comic book character who practices law and recruits She-Hulk to his company in hopes that his super-villain daughter will see Jennifer as a role model.

Coulter will play an unknown role in we have a ghosta mystery comedy that will be released by Netflix this year, probably in October as part of their Halloween lineup (per The Hollywood Reporter). This upcoming horror movie is about a man who disappears after discovering a ghost in his home and has gone viral online with content about the spirit. Coulter is no stranger to horror films, as he has a recurring role in the Conjuring and Insidious movies. If he brings the same passion to this film, Netflix could have a hit.

1 Perfect – Jameela Jamil

Coming November 23, 2022

Jameela Jamil portrays Titania, a comic book villain who is said to have the strength of a Titan. She first appears in the last scene of the She-Hulk pilot.

An apparent sequel to the Perfect movies, this comedy series follows Bumper, played by Adam Devine (by Variety). He decides to move to Germany in hopes of making it big again when his music finds success in Berlin. Jameela plays Gisela, and while her character’s purpose is unknown, fans can expect to see her add pizzazz to the comedy. Jameela was brilliant in The right placeand if she maintains this momentum, Perfect it will be better with her in it.

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