10 upcoming movies from MCU directors we’re thrilled with

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of creative directors, and when they get on board, Marvel Studios usually go out of their way to keep them. However, being as creative as they are and passionate about so many other projects, they will always leave the nest eventually.

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But there are others who are just as happy to stay at the studio, playing in the Marvel sandbox for years to come. Between a live adaptation of Akira, inducting the Fantastic Four into the MCU and an upcoming gangster epic, Marvel fan-favorite directors have plenty of upcoming projects to get excited about.

ten Next goal wins (directed by Taika Waititi)

Next goal wins

Football movies tend to be rare, and when there is one that hits theaters, it’s usually not very popular. However, given the recent success of the AppleTV + series Ted lasso and interest in the recent Euro Championship, there appears to be an increasing popularity of the sport in the United States. Taika Waititi is also fascinated by this sport, because the Thor: Ragnarok director will adapt the 2014 documentary, The next goal wins.

Although Waititi is one of the best directors in comic book history, there is as much to be excited about here as there is for Thor: Love and thunder. The filmmaker’s films outside the MCU are typically creative comedies about misunderstood characters, such as What we do in the shadows and Bunny Jojo, and Next goal wins does not look different.

9 Shrunk (directed by Joe Johnston)

Joe Johnston, the director of Captain America: The First Avenger, has been fairly quiet in recent years and hasn’t had its name attached to a theatrically released movie since the 2011 film. However, that will all change soon, as Shrunk is currently in pre-production.

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Shrunk is the fourth film in the series which began with Honey, I cut down on the kids, which was also directed by Johnston. Although he hasn’t made a movie in over 10 years, Shrunk is in good hands. Not only did he direct the original film, Johnston is also an older family cinema statesman, having also directed The Rocket and Jumanji.

8 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Directed by James Gunn)

James Gunn likes to keep busy, because when he’s not working for Marvel Studios he makes ultra-violent movies like Suicide Squad for the DCEU. However, now that Suicide Squad saw his theatrical release and he only has a few press junkets left, he’s back to work on the Guardians series.

The scenario for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is finished, but it will take some time before it sees the light of day. Gunn will also lead the Guardians’ holiday special, a single episode of Disney +, set to release during the holiday season of 2022.

7 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (directed by Peyton Reed)

Antman and the variant of the wasp Quantumanie Kang

Fans must love Peyton Reed’s commitment to Ant-Man. Although the filmmaker directed the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, he has devoted most of his energy to the Marvel superhero and has not directed any films outside of the series since 2008.

That dedication continues, as the director is now working hard on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Not much is known about the film except that it will see Jonathan Majors return as Kang the Conqueror, and there is a lot of pressure on Reed’s shoulders, as the film could drastically change the larger MCU.

6 The Fantastic Four (directed by Jon Watts)

Fantastic Four Logo

The excitement for The fantastic four could be a bit preventative, as Jon Watts hasn’t even finished his work on Spider-Man: No Path Home Again.

But just like Marvel Studios did with the Russo Brothers, as they went from making Captain America films to the Avengers films, the studio believes in Watts enough to lead. The fantastic four. The announcement can only mean one thing to No way home also, is that it’s shaping up to be something incredible.

5 The Gray Man (directed by the Russo Brothers)

the russo brothers gray man starts filming

After making the highest grossing film of all time, Avengers: Endgame, the Russo Brothers didn’t exactly take the much-needed break that a task like this would require. This year the director duo released a crime thriller Cherry, and now The gray man is currently in post-production and is slated to hit Netflix later this year.

The Russo Brothers are still working with MCU actors all the time, and The gray man will continue this tradition, as it stars Chris Evans. The actor plays a CIA agent who is sent to hunt down one of his own, and it is shaping up to be one of the most exciting cat and mouse thrillers of the 21st century.

4 Akira (directed by Taika Waititi)

Akira confronts Kurokiba

Next goal wins isn’t the only non-MCU movie Taika Waititi is set to direct. The filmmaker is on board to direct a live adaptation of the anime classic, Akira. Waititi could do Akira great, because it could introduce new themes and adapt different parts of the graphic novel.

The list doesn’t end with an anime adaptation and a football movie, either, as every movie studio apparently wants a slice of Waititi’s weird humor. The director also plans to make an animated film. Charlie and the chocolate factory series for Netflix and a Flash Gordon film for 21st century studios.

3 Bermuda (directed by Scott Derrickson)

Doctor Strange standing in the New York Sanctuary

The choice of the director of Doctor strange always seemed odd, as Scott Derrickson not only came from a horror background, but he made tons of scary movies. The filmmaker directed Hellraiser: Inferno, the exorcism of Emily Rose, and Sinister, to only cite a few.

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While the release date has not been announced, Derrickson will return to more mysterious storylines as he directs a Bermuda Triangle thriller. He will team up with fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe alumnus Chris Evans.

2 The Electric State (directed by the Russo brothers)

With the shoot just over The gray man, the Russo brothers don’t sit still for too long, as they are already at work on their follow-up. The duo will return to the world that made them famous in the first place, the comics, as they will direct The Electric State for Universal.

The comic is set in an apocalyptic version of the mid-90s, and it could be the brothers’ first truly thrilling film to come since. Avengers: Endgame. The comic book illustration is visually stunning, and if the Russos lift the panels straight from the graphic novel for the storyboard, it might even result in the visuals of End of Game a run for its money.

1 The Many Saints of Newark (directed by Alan Taylor)

Of all the movies MCU directors are working on, The Many Saints of Newark is the closest to release, and while it doesn’t capture the attention of every MCU fan, the film already has a fan base of its own. The film is a prequel to the events of The Sopranos, and it’s directed by Alan Taylor, the filmmaker behind Thor: The Dark World.

Although The dark world wasn’t exactly the most positively received movie in the MCU, there’s no doubt how Newark will be, as Taylor directed several of the best episodes of The Sopranos. And with the trailer already out, it looks like it’s going to be the most explosive and exciting gangster epic in years.

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