Month: October 2019

High School Fleet Movie Introduces New Cast in Trailer

Earlier today, the official High school fleet anime site updated with a new trailer. The 49-second promo features the film’s new cast members, as a sweeping symphonic tune plays. 2 å¼¾ 特 å ± 映像 解禁 ✨】2020 å¹´ 1 月 18 æ—¥ (土) 全国 ロ ー ド ã‚· ョ ー と な ã‚‹ 「劇場版 ハ イ […]

Film Preview: Rochester Polish Film Festival | Movie previews

Every year since 1997, the Rochester Polish Film Festival has offered local audiences a collection of film screenings, highlighting some of the best contemporary Polish films. Sponsored by the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester, this year’s festival kicks off on Tuesday, November 5 and runs through Sunday, […]

Film Preview: Rochester Labor Film Series | Movie previews

It seems that not a day goes by that there is no article in the news focusing on workers’ rights around the world. From Amazon making headlines every two weeks due to the exploitation of their warehouse workers, the anti-union rhetoric of our current national administration, the increasing use of automation and robotics to take […]

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