3 NETFLIX films about self-love

In our daily life, there are good, bad and sometimes even worse days, so there is nothing better than changing your mood and feeling inspired than seeing in netflix some movies which, due to their emotional and entertaining stories, will help us to strengthen the love of self and self-esteem.

The following bands love of self They have interesting storylines in which it is shown that despite the obstacles you have to overcome on a daily basis, you still have to believe in yourself and have clear goals. Moreover, they feature prominent actors such as Andrew Garfield, Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd, Ema Watson, and even Paul Rudd.

So, in case you feel a little depressed or just want to have a good time in front of the screen while enjoying netflixyou can’t miss these three movies to love of self.

This is the story of an aspiring theater composer in New York. While waiting for his big break, Jon (Andrew Garfield) is writing a play that he hopes will be a hit and open doors for him. However, as he nears his thirties, he is seized with anguish, wondering if his impossible dream is worth it, as some people have lost faith in him.

The protagonist is Elizabeth (Julia Roberts), a New York woman who comes to a point in her life where she tires of commitment, of not knowing what singlehood is, of seeking happiness, and of living in the safe, then who decides to undertake a one-year trip to Europe and Asia; places where she will get to know herself and she will discover new cultures and new people who will teach her to be stronger and more independent.

  • The benefits of being invisible

Charlie (Logan Lerman) is not a boy who makes friends easily, so having changed schools makes him very anxious and terrified. He’s definitely very different from most of his teenage classmates, which is why he only gets along with his literature teacher (Paul Rudd). However, his life takes a turn when he meets Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), who will teach him how to defend himself and cope with everyday setbacks.

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