5 good Netflix movies and shows this week: Vikings: Valhalla and more

A new week is almost upon us, and you’ll want to make sure your Netflix viewing is in order. Here are our top picks for Netflix movies and shows this week.

There’s a lot of great content coming to Netflix this week. One of the shows is definitely something The Last Kingdom and vikings the fans were waiting. Then there’s a new K-drama you’ll want to look out for – K-Dramas have been some of the top content for the past year or two.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the list of content on the platform. That’s why we’re narrowing the list down to the top five.

Not much is happening at the start of the week. Most of the content you’ll want to watch will drop at the very end of this week, but it’ll be worth it.

5 must-watch Netflix movies and shows this week

We will maintain the list of Netflix movies and shows in release date order. For content arriving on the same day, it’s in alphabetical order.

Burglar cat Season 1

We start with the animated version that comes from the mind of black mirror. It’s an interactive show that’s sure to entertain.

Burglar cat uses trivia to help navigate the series. Answer the questions correctly and you’ll help Rowdy the cat escape Peanut the Security. You help the burglar cat to steal everything and get away with it.

Discover the series on Tuesday, February 22.

Back to 15 Season 1

There have been plenty of Netflix movies and shows that focus on going back in time. Back to 15 takes a character back to his teenage years. Of course, she can’t help but interfere in the lives of those around her.

At 30, she thinks she knows better. She lived her life and understood it. It turns out the life she has to fix is ​​her own, and we’re taken on a wild and hilarious journey.

Discover the series on Friday, February 25.

Juvenile Justice Season 1

Now is the time for the K-drama you’ll want to check out this week. This is more of a legal drama than anything else, but we know that these dramas escalate into something much bigger than they originally seemed.

A new judge is moving to town. She doesn’t like kids who end up in her courtroom, but what is she going to do for them?

Discover the whole season on Friday, February 25.

A Madea Homecoming by Tyler Perry

If you love the Do one series of movies, you will be excited about this release on the Netflix Movies & Shows list this week. Tyler Perry is back.

This time, family drama erupts at a graduation ceremony. Madea’s great-grandson is a college graduate and she refuses to put up with the family’s nonsense this time around.

Watch the film on Friday, February 25.

Vikings: Walhalla Season 1

Finally, it is about vikings prequel spin-off we’ve all been waiting for. It’s already been picked up for three seasons, and this is the first season of Vikings: Walhalla it will go down.

In this series, we follow some of the most famous Vikings of the past as they travel across Europe and conquer lands. This takes place before Ragnar decides to sail west (and before Uhtred’s time in The Last Kingdom) to see what was there, so don’t expect to meet Alfred the Great or anyone.

Which Netflix movies and shows are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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