5 great Netflix movies and shows to watch this week: Wu Assassins, more

It’s a new week, and you’re probably looking for something good to watch on Netflix. There are plenty of great Netflix movies and shows from February 14-20.

Netflix has a great slate of releases throughout this week. In fact, the overall list seems quite overwhelming. It can be difficult to choose, this feeling of FOMO that arises.

The good news is that we are here to help. We’ve selected five best builds, covering all sorts of preferences and interests. Whether you want comedy, horror, or something in between, there’s something for you.

5 must-watch Netflix movies and shows this week

We’re listing Netflix movies and shows to watch in order of release dates. Not only will this help you choose what to watch more easily, but it also means we’re not trying to compare the many different genres on the list this week.

Fishbowl Wives Season 1

The first release is a Japanese series based on a manga by Kurosawa R. This seems perfect for those who like the likes of why women killalthough there is not necessarily a murder in the series.

Fishbowl Wives follows six women. They’re all in unhappy marriages, and they have to figure out what they can do about it. Everyone decides that cheating is the way to go, but what happens when they get too deep into cheating?

The complete series is available Monday, February 14. It’s the perfect series against Valentine’s Day.

forgive us our trespasses

Here we come to a more serious subject. forgive us our trespasses is set in 1930s German. You can probably guess where it’s set, especially when I say it focuses on a disabled boy.

He’s a farm boy who just wants to live the best life possible. However, when Hitler enacts the Aktion T4 program, his life is immediately put in danger. Nazi soldiers pursue him legally obliged to euthanize anyone with a disability.

Watch the film on Thursday, February 17.

Wu Assassins: For a Fistful of Vengeance

Are you a fan of Wu Assassins? We’re still waiting to find out the future of the series, but there’s a feature film you can watch in the meantime. This could be a sign of the show’s future, but we’ll keep an open mind until we see how the movie ends.

Wu Assassins: For a Fistful of Vengeance picks up after the events of the first season finale. Jen is dead and Bangkok’s queen of the underworld is in town. Was she responsible for Jenny’s murder? This is something our group of assassins will want to solve.

Discover the film on Thursday, February 17.

Space To obligate Season 2

If you liked the first season of Steve Carell’s parody of the real Space Force program, you’ll be happy to hear that the second season is almost here. It drops at the end of the week, and it’s definitely one of the Netflix movies and shows to watch.

There was a lot going on in the world of space force at the end of the season. The biggest situation to deal with was Naird en route to a potential court-martial. This could see the whole project shut down, and the rest of the team having to prove their worth.

Check out the full season on Friday, February 18.

Chainsaw Massacre

For those more in the mood for horror, there’s a movie we may or may not need. It’s time for another Chainsaw Massacre movie. Who doesn’t love Leatherface?

This time we will see a group of teenagers leaving with passion to start a new business. This brings them into Leatherface territory, and we know he never likes to be bothered. It’s not yet clear how or where this fits into the main story timeline, so you’ll want to watch the movie for those answers.

Discover horror films on Friday, February 18.

Which Netflix movies and shows are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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