5 great Netflix movies to watch on Valentine’s Day weekend: Tall Girl 2, more

A new weekend is coming soon. It’s a chance to catch up with all recent releases. These are the Netflix movies to watch this weekend.

It’s a special weekend. Not only is it time to catch up on the week’s releases, but it’s also a great weekend to catch those rom-coms you know you’ve been wanting to watch. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend after all.

I know not everyone likes romantic comedies. Sometimes you need horror or drama. That’s why this list is made up of a great mix of content so you’ll have something to check out all weekend long.

5 must-watch Netflix movies for Valentine’s Day weekend 2022

This list is in alphabetical order. It’s just too hard to compare genres.

In the wind

We start with a documentary. In the United States, the name Terry Fox may not mean much. In Canada, he is an inspiration and schools across the country still celebrate him. He became an even more prominent figure after his statue was vandalized during the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa earlier this month.

Terry Fox was a teenager who developed and beat knee cancer. He had to have his leg amputated, but he made the decision to run across the country to raise money. Her story doesn’t have a happy ending, but her courage and determination are what’s so inspiring. you have to watch In the wind to see his story.

love strong

The first of the romantic comedies on the list is a holiday-themed movie. It’s perfect for this time of year, though. Moreover, we get The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev back on our screens with Jimmy O. Yang!

A woman decides to go out to visit her boyfriend online while on vacation. However, she realizes that she has been fished out by her best friend. Now she must know what to do. And the best friend has to find a way to get the girl.

big girl 2

Let’s move on to something a little lighter. The next of the Netflix movies is a new one. big girl 2 picks up where the previous film left off.

Jodi is no longer the pariah at school. It has gained new popularity, but it comes with some complications. This could lead to him losing his best friends; those there for her when she needed them most.

The privilege

Need a thriller before you get to the latest rom-com? The privilege is a new German movie on the streamer. We know that European films are among the best.

A privileged boy attends an elite school. No, it won’t be like Elite Where Z-control. Not in the sense of a murderer or a hacker terrorizing students. However, there is a conspiracy within the school and he must find someone who will listen to it.

The royal treatment

Now for the romantic comedies. One of the newer ones that you probably forgot is The royal treatment. It’s great for fans of A prince of Christmas and The Princess Exchange—and these are other great Netflix movies to check out this weekend.

The royal treatment follows Izzy, a New York hairstylist who gets the chance to do her hair at an upcoming royal wedding. It’s a major break for her business, but what happens when she begins to fall in love with the groom, who just happens to be a prince?

Which Netflix Movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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