5 great Netflix movies to watch this weekend: Windfall and more

A new weekend has arrived, so it’s time to catch up on recent Netflix movies released. Here are our top five picks for this weekend, including Bargain.

There have been some great releases this week on Netflix. Many of them are TV shows. You will probably spend time working Bad vegan: fame. Fraud. Fugitives and Human ressources. There have also been some great shows from previous weeks, including the latest season of The Last Kingdom.

What about movies? Sometimes you have time to watch something for two hours and you don’t want to feel bad about not being able to get the questions answered right away. That means you want to see good Netflix movies. There are some great choices for this weekend.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Movies This Weekend

This list is in alphabetical order. As usual, there are several genres to cover all needs, and genres cannot be compared.

A walk among the tombstones

Liam Neeson has great movies, and A walk among the tombstones is to be monitored. It’s on Netflix right now.

Neeson plays a former NYPD officer, Matt Scudder. He is now an unlicensed detective and finds himself with a drug dealer as a client. The drug dealer’s wife has been kidnapped and brutally murdered, and he wants revenge. Scudder dives deep into the whole operation, and he soon takes her to the back streets of New York to catch the killers.

black crab

Noomi Rapace is in the next Netflix movies to watch, black crab. This Swedish action thriller is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Six soldiers go on a secret mission to transport a mysterious package across a frozen archipelago.

Of course, there are questions about what’s in the package. There are also strengths they’ll face along the way as it’s dog-eating dog world in any post-apocalyptic movie.

Catherine Cohen: The Twist…? She is magnificent

Technically, it’s not a movie; it’s a special. I tend to think of specials as movies, though. Either way, they tend to last as long or a little less than most Netflix movies.

Catherine Cohen takes the stage in this comedy special. If you’ve seen her other content, you’ll know she’s a comic to watch. Some of the topics she discusses in this one are finding love, the absurdity of marathons, and burying someone alive. All normal stuff, right?

Saved by Ruby

Need a movie that feels good? the flash actor Grant Gustin covered us with Saved by Ruby. It’s definitely one of the biggest Netflix movies of the week.

It’s based on a true story (and the real dog Ruby is still working, so that dog shouldn’t die in the end!) and it follows a state trooper who dreams of joining the K-9 unit. He laughs at the idea, but it remains a dream, and he ends up saving a puppy with very little time to prove that they are both worth a chance.


We end the list with a great crime drama starring Lily Collins, Jesse Plemons, and Jason Segel. Segel plays a man who decides to break into a tech billionaire’s vacation home. The tech billionaire isn’t supposed to be there, but just as the man breaks in, the tech billionaire arrives with his wife.

The film turns into drama as the man is caught. He decides to make it a hostage situation, but it’s clear he has no idea what he’s doing. It’s also very personal.

Which Netflix Movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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