50 must-see Netflix movies for your next movie night

We all love watching movies at home. After a long day at work or school, it’s nice to kick back on the couch, grab your snack of choice, and immerse yourself in the world of fiction. And for the past two years, it was also the safest option.

There are so many streaming services we have to choose from these days, but most of the time, Netflix is ​​the first one that comes to mind. Technically, Netflix wasn’t the first streaming service (the honor goes to iTV, a project born in Hong Kong), but it’s safe to say that Netflix was the first to achieve real success. One thing that definitely works for Netflix is ​​their wide selection. Whatever your movie choice for today, whether it’s a romantic comedy or a horror, a documentary or a musical, Netflix will bring you new films as well as classic hits.

By now, everyone knows that Netflix started out as a mail-in subscription service. Can you imagine getting movies to watch in your mailbox? The 90s were crazy! They later branched out into film production as well, and you can find some of the best movies on Netflix that were made under their banner.

For this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best movies streaming on Netflix that we think everyone should see. Do you agree with our list? What are your must-see films? Give us your recommendations in the comments.

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