9 upcoming movies and shows to stream this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + Hotstar

Streaming on Netflix

7. Call my agent: Bollywood (October 29)

Walking through the messy corridors of the Hindi film industry, four casting agents – played by Aahana Kumra, Ayush Mehra, Rajat Kapoor and Soni Razdan – realize they’re in dire straits when their business is on the verge of collapse . Drama ensues as the workplace darkens into a dysfunctional mishmash and the business becomes messy. In the midst of this internal chaos, they also have to contend with the colossal egos of their superstar clients who won’t let them take a break. The series is based on the 2015 French comedy drama of the same name, without the Bollywood suffix, of course.

Streaming on Netflix

8. Dibouk (October 29)

This horror thriller follows Sam (Emraan Hashmi) and his wife Mahi (Nikita Dutta), who move into a new home after the latter miscarries. Hoping to decorate the house, Mahi purchases an ancient Jewish chest that soon begins to cause paranormal activity in the house. The couple discover the box contains a dibbouk, a wicked spirit from Jewish mythology believed to be the fractured soul of a deceased person. Seeking the help of a rabbi to unravel his mystery, Sam and Mahi find themselves racing against the clock before someone is killed.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

9. Hum Do Hamare Do (October 29)

A family artist who tickles the ribs, this film tells the story of Dhruv (Rajkummar Rao), who falls head over heels in love with Aanya (Kriti Sanon). But there is a catch. She aspires to be married into a happy common family, so Dhruv, who has no parents, hires two people to play them. Enter Purushottam Mishra (Paresh Rawal), a loving bachelor who agrees to join in the act when his long lost love, Dipti Kashyap (Ratna Pathak Shah), shows up to play the mother. This seemingly perfect plan soon begins to spiral out of control when Purushottam becomes a thug and decides to charm Dipti.

Broadcast on Disney + Hotstar

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