Adam Sandler’s Upcoming Netflix Movies May Break a Boring Career Trend

With Hustle and Spaceman both set to land on Netflix in 2022, Adam Sandler could be about to break one of his most damaging career habits.

Two Upcoming Netflix Movies Could Break A Boring Career Trend For Adam Sandler. Sandler has two movies coming to Netflix – jostle, and Spaceman – and both will feature the actor in more serious roles. Although he made a name for himself in a number of goofy comedies in the ’90s (and has had a few career missteps since), Adam Sandler is one of the most successful movie stars to ever are working today. Plus, with a huge deal with Netflix to create exclusive content for the streaming giant, it looks like Sandler will continue to make money for years to come.

Adam Sandler’s Netflix movies have been bad so far, but his next two releases for the streaming platform both have the potential to do big things for the actor’s career. hustlea sports drama in which Sandler plays a failed former basketball scout, has the potential to be an uplifting story with a number of huge celebrity cameos. Astronaut is a sci-fi movie in which Sandler will play the role of an astronaut named Jakub, and it is already being considered as Sandler’s next chance for an Oscar nomination after being snubbed for his role in Uncut gems.


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hustle and Astronaut will both be released this year, which may well correct one of Sandler’s most damaging career tendencies of having two back-to-back serious roles. Adam Sandler’s career is so often underestimated due to his propensity to work on regularly criticized films (Jack and Julie, The ridiculous 6and The bad miss, to only cite a few). However, by working on more serious films, Sandler could correct one of his worst career habits.

Queen Latifah and Adam Sandler in Hustle

Sandler is no stranger to critical praise. More recently, he starred in the Safdie Brothers film Uncut Gems as New York jeweler and gambling addict Harold Ratner, delivering an incredibly tense performance that won over many of his most vocal detractors. He also received accolades for his work in other films, such as that of Paul Thomas Anderson. Punch-drunk Love. Acting is something he can do remarkably well, but somehow Sandler keeps falling into the same career trap.

Between each of Sandler’s critically acclaimed performances, he made a handful of lesser films (and usually at least one complete dud). This leaves his audience’s perception of him confused at best and makes him appear as an unreliable talent. While that’s not at all true, it hurts Sandler’s image, apparently making him a risky casting choice for more serious films. However, every time Sandler is cast in a dramatic role, he nails it – it’s simply a matter of achieving a greater level of consistency.

It’s something that hustle and Astronaut might fix it. By having two more serious lead roles in a shorter amount of time, Sandler is likely to swing critical opinion in his favor. In fact, as there is already speculation about Astronaut winning Sandler an Oscar, it’s possible that 2022 will be the year the actor finally gets the accolades he deserves. Whether or not Adam Sandler will stop making bad comedies, his upcoming Netflix movies certainly seem like a step in the right direction.

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