Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says Bitcoin Is “Pure Mathematics Gold”

In a recent interview, Steve Wozniak discussed Bitcoin’s mathematical purity as “pure gold” mathematics, separating it from other cryptocurrencies.

  • Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, claims Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency with “pure gold math”.
  • Wozniak discusses an inherent lack of trust in the cryptocurrency space, calling the tokens “flaky.”
  • Bitcoin is different because it is a force of “nature over humans”.

Steve Wozniak, the legendary co-founder of Apple, recently took an exclusive maintenance with Business Intern to discuss a range of technology-related topics. Not to be the least of them, Wozniak discussed his view of the larger cryptocurrency environment regarding his concerns for much of the space, while also highlighting Bitcoin’s separation from the whole. of the relevant market as its own mathematical purity.

“There are so many cryptocurrencies coming out now; everyone has a way to create a new one, and you have a famous star with it,” Wozniak said. Business Insider. “Looks like they’re just collecting a lot of money from people who want to invest in the very beginning, when it’s worth a few cents.”

Reiterating much of the trepidation typically associated with entering the cryptocurrency space, Wozniak discusses an event colloquially referred to as a “rug pull.” Deriving immense value from the hype, developers of some cryptocurrency or derivatives platforms pump up the price and “then they just fold,” Wozniak said in the interview.

Wozniak alluded to Bitcoin’s solution after mentioning “a flaky token unto itself,” bringing us back to Wozniak’s original concern about cryptocurrencies lacking apparent trust. Wozniak addressed bitcoin directly towards the end of the interview when he said it was “the only one that is pure gold math.”

This refers to a maintenance with Yahoo finance from October last year where Wozniak said, “Bitcoin is mathematical, mathematical purity. There can never be another bitcoin created. Bitcoin doesn’t even have a creator that we know of.” Wozniak continued, “Bitcoin isn’t run by a company. It’s just mathematically pure. And I believe nature trumps humans, always.”

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