Best Netflix movies and shows to watch this weekend

netflix unveiled many films and shows on the 16the September 2022. During this day, Netflix released over 14 movies and six new series. For this weekend we will see the removal of Gross Day Out from Gorris Henry and Skylines. We’re just going to watch both Blade Runner: The Final Cut and Blade Runner 2049. They haven’t got much planned for Netflix as they’ve gotten down to watching The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones.

Here is the list of shows on Netflix for 16e September:


14. Travelin’ Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall

This new English film has dropped these unpublished images of the concert as told by Jeff Bridges. This documentary will expose the humble roots of CCR and its dazzling momentum.

13. This is the End

This film is the last English film.

12. Subira

The show went through a death in her family, having arranged a marriage to move to the big city. The young woman continually fought for her right to swim.

11. Scandal! Bring down Wirecard

The popular English film that began with Wirecard took the financial industry to blazing success until a team of tenacious journalists exposed such a huge fraud.

10. Mirror, mirror

In this film, we will see that the Spaniards employed in the cosmetics company will grapple with these respective wishes by arguing in front of the mirror just before their birthday parties with the companies.

9. Mat Kilau

The film reveals that after the capture of Pahang by the British armies, a legendary warrior leads his people in guerrilla warfare to save his country from the threat of colonization.

picture 434

8. Jogi

The film depicts 1980s India about three friends of different faiths to unveil the noble but terrible effort to save hundreds of people in their town.

7. I used to be famous

The story of a former bot features those who unexpectedly get a second chance at success as he forms a bond with the gifted teenage drummer.

6. Find My Husband 2

After discovering her fiancée’s secret, the woman finds herself at a crossroads between a superficial marriage and a return to the chaotic world of dating.

picture 435

5. Father Stu

After failing to build a career in boxing and a near-fatal motorcycle wreck, there’s a man who heals in Catholicism and makes the decision to become a priest by following the real story.

4. Return home

This Japanese film has a fateful summer with a group of elementary school children drifting off to be abandoned in the apartment and having to search for each other to get away from the house.

3. Revenge

This movie follows a dethroned queen bee at the swanky private high school who made a secret deal with the new student with exact revenge on each other’s rivals.

2. Bed Words

This movie mainly gets the loophole in the rules for the middle-aged school dropout to cause trouble as he hijacked the spelling bee in the mission for revenge mission.

picture 436

1. Attention please

The wannabe but unlucky to start telling the show has disturbing stories for his friends as the evening has become very disturbing for him.


6. Britain’s Great Baking Fair

The series is about the talented group of home bakers who enter a teenage week competition and simply submit their best dishes in the hope of being named the best in the UK.

picture 437

5. The Braves (Season 1)

In this show, the newly reincarnated goddess as a teenager definitely harnesses her divine strength to avenge her sister’s death and save her family from destruction.

4. Santo (Season 1)

There are two cops across the Atlantic who have embarked on a desperate hunt for the vicious international drug trafficker who has never been exposed.

picture 438

3. Love is Blind (Season 2)

In this show, we’ll see Vanessa Lachey host the social experiment where single men and women seek a move and get engaged just before they meet someone.

2. Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance (Season 1)

It’s an American ten Kyra Berry for the second chance to pursue her dreams with the gymnastics scholarship in faraway Australia.

picture 439

1. Destiny: The Winx Saga (Season 2)

Netflix’s most popular show determined these enchanting powers from Alfea’s supernatural study group, the Magical Boarding School.

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