Best upcoming movies in 2021 and 2022

As the terrible coronavirus hit the world, shopping malls and movie theaters have been closed for an uncertain length of time. As the filming of many series and shows was postponed last year, few series and films were released last year.

Now that the situations are under control and filming is complete, there are plenty of shows slated for release in 2021 and 2022. There are a lot of amazing things and a huge collection of shows waiting for us in the year to come.

Here is the list of films coming in 2022 and 2021:

17. dead end

It is the story of a band of mercenaries who take the nuclear power station hostage.

A Journal for Jordan Trailer: Michael B. Jordan Goes Romantic

16. A Journal for Jordan

It is based on Charles Monroe King, Before He Kills in Action in Baghdad, author of a diary for his son that aims to tell him to live a decent life despite growing up with a father.

Hard Luck Love Song Trailer (2021) |  Trailers and Videos

15. Love song of luck

It’s primarily a rocky love story based on a charismatic but unlucky troubadour who lived in cheap motels and made bad decisions as well.

Pixar made a sequel to Luca, and it's an emotional 6 minute short

14. Ciao Alberto

It is an animated film, which featured such characters from ‘Luca’.

Exclusive trailer for The Gardener starring Gary Daniels and Robert Bronzi

13. The gardener

It reveals the immigrant living the quiet life as a gardener in a mansion in England and must draw on ancient skills to protect the family he worked for from home invaders.

BLOND.  Purple |  Official Trailer - Christopher Key

12. Blond: Purple

This is an action flick, it’s based on the inexperienced in-depth criminal who got stuck in the bank after the heist went wrong.

UNWELCOME ”From“ GRABBERS ”Director Gets US Date, Trailer & Poster - Rue Morgue

11. Junk

The story is based on Irish folklore and Scottish contains goblins. This time the goblins are not cute as we have seen in the animated films, in this film we will see the terrible murderous goblins who seek to make life possible for the coupe Maya and Jamie. The plot of this horror film revolves mainly around the script of Mark Stay, which followed the couple Maya and Jamie. They are just idealistically exchanging their city life due to the tranquility of the Irish countryside, but we can say that it is very safe as their search for peace does not go as planned.

The Wheel of Time (TV Series 2021–) - Photo gallery - IMDb

10. The wheel of time

The history of the series was followed by Moiraine who is a member of the Aes Sedai has the power of the entire female organization of magic users. She has just formed a group of five young people for the dangerous journey through the world, and believes that one of them would certainly be the reincarnation of the Dragon Reborn, i.e. a strong individual prophesied to save the world. humanity or could destroy it. The series trailer also gave a glimpse of Rosamund Pike as Moiraine. There’s The Blood Runs deep in these mountains which was told by Moraine in the trailer.

Sing 2 trailer offers first glimpse of Bono and Halsey on an animated adventure - the Hollywood Reporter

9. Sing 2

It is based on Buster Moon and his friends who must persuade lone rock star Clay Calloway to participate in them to open the new show.

The King's Man |  20th century studios

8. The king’s man

This latter movie served as a prequel to Kingman: The Secret Service and also Kingman: The Golden Circle and it also set in the early 1900s, there is no other Colin Firth that wreaked havoc on the third one. time. In this we will also see Ralph Fiennes as Orlando Oxford who is a Duke and also part of the independent secretive and intelligence agency which took action to end international threats before the UK government took action. the decision to do something about it.

Lady Gaga's Gucci House called the two

7. Gucci House

This is the story of Patrizia Reggiani who is an outsider with humble beginnings and was married to the Gucci family, now her unbridled ambitions are beginning to reveal the legacy and have also unleashed a reckless spiral of betrayal, revenge and self-righteousness. murder.

Hate Game Trailer Turns Rivalry Into Romance

6. The hate game

Founded on resolving professional success without compromising her ethics, Lucy has embarked on the ruthless game of outbidding a cold and efficient foe.

Dangerous trailer: Scott Eastwood is on the run from Famke Janssen  [EXCLUSIVE]

5. Dangerous

It’s the story of two women who have had bad experiences with men and fall in love with each other. History reveals their violent struggle.

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Trailer: Kaya Scodelario in Original Movie - Deadline

4. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

This film is mainly the reboot of the six series of the film directed by Milla Jovich, and was taken from these two Capcom games released in 1996 and also in 1998. It seems that all the survivors would be grouped together to keepi8nbg terrified all the evil creatures of the Bay. Claire Redfield has stated that there is indeed a beginning of every story at the start of Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City because we have seen people stuck in traffic and also in gas masks. Claire’s brother Chris has been asked about his reason for returning to Raccoon City, and also berates the foil hat plots. She also revealed that they wanted to reveal Umbrella Corporation which was also a Chernobyl style “incident” in Raccoon City as the guy on the tape says, and all the people got sick.

Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson face off against the dark side of the moon in new trailer

3. Falling moon

The latest Moonfall trailer that was revealed and opened with Sutherland’s Holdenfeld and also discussed the Apollo 11 mission, revealed a cover-up involved in the true nature of their space flight that the government has kept a secret for 50 years. On this, Holdenfield said it is now too late to stop before the trailer begins to highlight the massive destruction and civil unrest that the earth is suffering from the displacement of the moon.

Lightning Bolt Trailer: Chris Evans Is The New Buzz Lightyear |  IndieWire

2. The Lightning

It’s a fantastic animation of Buzz Lightyear and also of his adventures to infinity and beyond.

Morbius Trailer: Sony's Origin Story for Spider-Man Villain Looks Promising |  NewsBytes

1. Morbius

The Marvel comic book vampire will finally make his theatrical debut in January 2022, and thanks to the latest Netflix and Sony deal, it will be set to Netflix in 2022, but only in the United States. After suffering numerous delays, Mobius will become one of the first to release in 2022 with a release scheduled for January 28.e, 2022. Part of the Marvel Comics universe, the film is part of the Spider-Man universe shared with Jared Leto, Matt Smith and Adria Arjona, and edited by Daniel Espinosa.

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