Here is the list of all the movies coming to Netflix in September 2021.

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This month of September will be a successful month for moviegoers. People from USA this month are full movie pack with OTT platforms. All OTT platforms are ready to get ready to launch the hit monsoon movies this will kick off with their amazing September lineup. It is expected that in the coming days, it will also fill its library with many original releases and shows. In September, all categories of the film will be released, whether it’s a thriller, romantic comedy, action or horror. This month is a full movie package with some original releases like Kate, action movies, and also lots of movies.

Here is a list of all the movies that will be released in August 2021:

16. Life after the party


Release date: 2sd September 2021

It depicts the story of a social butterfly named Cassie who experienced the biggest party foul of all and she also slowly dies during her birthday week. As she wants to surprise her, she gave herself a second chance to do things well on earth by reconnecting with her loved ones and above all it proved that she was worthy enough to enter the big VIP room in heaven.

15. The value

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Release date: 3rd September 2021

It depicts the story of a Washington DC lawyer named Kenneth Feinberg who fights against cynicism, bureaucracy and also politics to help victims of 9/111.

14.JJ + E

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Ajio [CPS] IN

Release date: 8e September 2021

It is a Swedish love drama film that depicts the story of Elizabeth and John-John who live in the same city but also inhabited a completely separate world. Now we must take care of their love destiny. It will break down class and cultural barriers or not.

13. Kate

Release date: 10e September 2021

The plot of this Netflix action film shows that after being irreversibly poisoned, there is a ruthless criminal who has no more than 24 hours to exact revenge on his enemies and will create an unexpected bond with the daughter of his previous victims.

Movie star Mary Elizabeth Winstead describes in her Entertainment Weekly Interview that she is a hardened assassin who works in Tokyo and has been poisoned. She has discovered that she has 24 hours to survive before the dangerous poison kills her, so she goes on a mission to find someone who poisoned her and tries to kill her before she dies. She forged this bond with the young girl named Ani, and they ended up taking on this mission together.

12. Prey

Release date: 10e September 2021

It depicts the story of a young man who survives on an island and retreats with a sinister force that chases him away and leaves bodies in his wake.

11. Night books

Release date: 15e September 2021

It portrays the story of young boy Alex who is very obsessed with scary stories being trapped by an evil witch in the magical apartment and will also tell several scary stories each night to come alive and team up with another prisoner Yasmin for discover it the way to escape. It is based on the novel. It’s nothing but the standalone story written by JA White. In this, the author also wrote the series just like The Thickey and Shadow School.

10.Ankahi Kahaniya

Release date: 17e September 2021

The story basically tells the stories of love, loss and longing in the city of Mumbai. All three love stories are very strange in which one is based on a childhood romance which is good, the second is about a man who finds love in a mannequin and the third is based on a couple who are on the verge of separation. . Ashwiny’s story was directed by Abhishek Banerjee, Kunal Kapoor, Zoya Hussain, Nikhil Dwivedi and Palomi featured in Saket’s story. Abhishek’s story is based on Jayant Kaikini’s Kannada Madhyantara story with Rinku Mahadeo Rajguru, Dellzad Hiwale.

9. The father who moves the mountains

Release date: 17e September 2021

It depicts a terrible trip of an officer to the mountains. After his son goes missing during the snowy mountain hike and after that, the retired intelligence officer will stop at nothing and risk everything to find his son.

8. The fortress

Release date: 17e September 2021

After getting tired of odd jobs, it was three Marseille police officers who had the chance to dismantle the main drug network.

7. Confessions of an invisible girl

Release date: 22sd September 2021

The story of the film is mainly based on Uma Garota’s bestseller Confisssoes excluda, mal-amada e drama. It was written by Thalita Reboucas. It portrays the story of Rio de Janeiro, a 16-year-old girl who was left behind at school or even at home.

As her parents are unemployed and decide to move to her grandparents’ house, the teenager is forced to start a new school. This time, she will do her best to stop being bullied, she is expected to make friends and have a social life. It’s not very easy for her because of the popular girls Valentina and Lais, and also the more invisible Davi. And Zeca must arrive with his allies and try to crush Erickj and Dudu.

6. Intrusion

Release date: 22sd September 2021

At weekend time, as a couple of old friends get organized in their last home, but as everything becomes perfect for lying down after drinking and catching up on the long night, the four couples are threatened by a stranger who had armor.

5. I Am Karl

Release date: 23rd September 2021

It is an action film which portrays Maxi who is the survivor of the terrorist attack and participates in the handsome Karl and is also part of a European youth movement.

4. The starling

Release date: 24e September 2021

In this we will see her as a grieving woman. In this movie, we’ll see McCarthy’s reunion with director Ted Melfi having co-star Chris O’Dowd who she worked with on the 2014 movie, St. Vincent. The trailer opens with McCarthy’s character Lily watching a firework display right next to her husband, Jack after he touches her pregnant belly.

3. Friends zone

Release date: 29e September 2021

In this we will see that there are several people who wander with the relationship right next to the border of friends and lovers. This border is known as the zone, but for this they have to keep their romantic feelings for each other.

2. No one makes it out alive

Release date: 29e September 2021

It is the story of an immigrant seeking the American dream who was forced to check in at the boarding house and found herself in a nightmare and she cannot escape.

1. Looks like love

Release date: 29e September 2021

The movie revolves around a woman whose old love came back to her life after knowing she shouldn’t return him, now Maca has to face her feelings so Netflix is ​​describing her current romantic comedy.

Maca, who is a fashion assistant has just taken her life back in hand after a devastating breakup while Leo, who was the man who broke her heart returns, we will see Adriana and Jime all three will have the lesson that love can be complicated.

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