How to Make Money Watching Videos and Movie Previews

If you love to watch movies and videos, there are several ways you can make and save money on your viewing efforts. The logic behind the whole idea is that movie studios often want to gauge an audience’s reaction before releasing their films on a large scale. Then there are other platforms as well that will just pay you to watch videos online, possibly to help increase their views. Regardless of the reasoning behind them, we’ll take a look at several of these companies and give you the inside scoop on which ones are worth the money and are pretty much a waste of time in disguise.

Swagbucks and inbox dollars

If you do a simple Google search for how to make money watching TV shows and movies, you will likely be directed to one of these two sites. Both promise to reward you just for sitting around watching videos all day, which sounds a bit too good to be true. The truth is, it kind of is. If it was that easy, then who would venture into the workforce again? The downside with sites like this is that they reward you with “points”.

The promise is that if you watch enough random videos, your points will start to add up and you can redeem them for gift cards or Paypal money. While this is technically true, things start to get a bit trickier when you look at the payoff / refund ratio of the points system.

Suppose, for example, that you want to earn $ 25 which will be deposited into your Paypal account through Swagbucks. Great. All you have to do is earn 2,500 swag points. So you head to the viewing section where you are offered a watchlist of 15 different videos. How many swag points do you earn for watching them all? A. So while it is technically possible to make money on these kinds of sites, be aware that it will be an incredibly small amount considering the effort you are going to have to put in.

Become a Netflix “tagger”

One of the most legitimate ways to make money watching movies is to find a job with Netflix. Every now and then, they will increase the number of people called “taggers” who are paid to watch Netflix and add tags to videos. The idea here is that once videos are tagged relevantly, it will be easier to help other viewers find content that matches their interests. The job would make around $ 300 / month, but the downside is that it’s not that easy to land a scoring position. You have to more or less haunt the Netflix job boards and hope for the chance to see the job listing pop up when it does.

How to watch movies for free

While this one doesn’t earn you any money, it will definitely save you some money if you like going to the movies. For years, test audiences have been used to give their opinion on major Hollywood films before their release. This helps movie studios assess how the film will perform when it is released and determine if any further changes need to be made before it does.

In the past, you were unlucky when it came to joining a test audience unless you lived in a big city like New York or Los Angeles. Nowadays, however, the internet has made it possible to include people everywhere in online test audiences. Now there is a website called iScreeningroom where you can sign up to watch pre-released movies from residence. All you have to do in return is give your opinion via an online survey after you finish watching a movie.

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