Direct online installment loans -Small installment loans with no credit check

Small installment loans with no credit check: learn more now

For larger purchases or urgently needed house modernization work, the available funds are often not sufficient. Then you have to rely on money from a bank or other source of money.

So that you can realize your project quickly, we at offer small installment loans with no credit check with low-interest rates with quick online approval. With our loan, projects can be implemented quickly and easily.

Astro is one of the most popular direct banks in Germany. With 9 million customers, Astro is the third largest bank in Germany in the private customer sector. The institute is a subsidiary of the Dutch group “Astro Group”.

Astro distinguishes the concentration on a few, but transparent offers, which are offered particularly cost-efficiently due to the direct banking principle.

The company is based in Frankfurt am Main and had 4,056 employees at the end of 2017. Astro was repeatedly named “Germany’s most popular bank” for 2018 in the business magazine “USD”.

Astro is not only known for cheap consumer loans. The other bank products for savings, construction finance, securities transactions and checking accounts for private customers are also interesting for consumers.

Astro credit requirements

Astro credit requirements

As the name suggests, the bank only operates by telephone or online without branches. Nevertheless, the credit requirements at Astro are classic:

  • majority
  • Resident in Germany
  • an employment relationship that has existed for three months, outside of the trial period
  • no independence, partnership or partnership
  • Action for your own account and name
  • no negative credit bureau entries

Astro queries data from the credit bureau and other credit agencies to check its creditworthiness.

Use joint loans with Astro for better acceptance chances

At Astro, married couples have the advantage that they can apply for a loan together. Necessary documents are pay slips, bank statements of one month of the existing salary account and the valid ID.

The direct bank promises a preliminary online approval within a few minutes as well as fast loan processing.

Find the right loan of your choice with Astro

Installment loan net loan amounts between 5,000 and 65,000 USD with classic terms between 12 and 84 months can be taken out.

There are also car and residential loans with financing amounts between $ 5000 and $ 65000, but with terms between 24 and 84 months.

If you need a framework loan for a flexible cash reserve, you can apply for amounts between $ 2,500 and $ 25,000 without a time limit.

When you take out a dedicated Astro loan, you pay lower interest than on an installment loan. Compare the conditions directly on the Astro website.

Astro loan acceptance online approval and process

To apply for the loan, all you have to do is fill out the online form. Then the online check of your request starts. Within a few minutes, you will find out whether the loan is approved or not.

After approval, you set the payment date. With this option, installment payments can be postponed. The money will then be transferred to the account you specified.

The Astro installment loan can be redeemed early and free of charge.

Favorable and fixed interest rate but without residual debt insurance

The installment loan from Astro is not possible without credit bureau information. Other target groups, such as unemployed or Harzt-four recipients, also have bad cards here.

For everyone else, this loan is ideal for paying off other expensive loans, overdrafts or other debts. The interest rate at Astro Finance is independent of creditworthiness. Costs and interest rates are the same for all borrowers!

The direct bank is thus in the lower price sector and is particularly cheap. According to them, customers save up to 50 percent compared to other loan offers. Nevertheless, early repayments of the remaining amount can be made at any time without additional costs.

The payment date can be freely selected within three months. However, there is no possible residual debt insurance with this offer, so that the customer has a little to look at when it comes to security.

The astro installment loan is not earmarked. For such requests, the bank can come up with other products, such as a credit line, car or home loan.

Astro credit experiences / reviews / opinions

When it comes to service, the “Astro Finance” is one of the big ones: In addition to the interactive credit check, the direct bank also offers a callback service and other comprehensive advisory services. This service is TÜV certified.

Customers who have used the Astro online loan for debt restructuring, for example, appreciate the uncomplicated and fast processing.