Is ‘Barbarian’ streaming on HBO Max or Netflix?

If you’ve ever been tempted to stay at an Airbnb with an unknown man to save money, go ahead and watch Barbaric, a new horror movie in theaters this weekend. You will be cured of this temptation very quickly.

Written and directed by Zach Cregger, Barbaric stars Georgina Campbell as a woman who books a room in Detroit when she’s in town for a job interview. When she discovers that the house has been double-booked, she chooses to stay, against her better judgment. She has nowhere to go. Unfortunately for her, the strange man already staying there (played by Bill Skarsgård) turns out to be much worse than your average weirdo.

Barbaric promises to both scare you away and get you off Airbnb rentals for the foreseeable future. Reviews have been positive so far – according to the 96% rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes – so don’t wait to see this one.

Here’s what to know about where to look Barbaric, and when you can expect Barbaric be available for streaming.


For now the only way to look Barbaric is to see it in a movie theater, when it opens on Friday, September 9. You can find a screening near you via Fandango.

After the theatrical release of the film, you will be able to buy Barbaric on digital platforms like Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, etc. You can also stream Barbaric on HBO Max and Hulu. Keep reading to learn more.


There is no official digital streaming release date yet for Barbaric. But here’s what to know.

Barbaric is a 20th century film and an earlier 20th century release, Bob’s Burgers movie information, became available to stream on HBO Max and Hulu, as well as available for purchase on digital platforms like Amazon for $19.99, after 45 days in theaters. Whether Barbaric follows a similar release strategy, you may be able to stream the film at home as soon as late October 2022.


Yes, but it will have to wait. Barbaric will likely go to HBO Max during the film’s “Pay 1 window,” which is the time when premium cable channels have exclusive rights to air the film. Indeed, even though Disney now owns 20th Century Studios, Disney is tied to a 10-year deal between 20th Century Fox and HBO that was signed in 2012. This deal runs through 2022, although HBO/HBO Max has agreed to share co-exclusivity rights with Disney+, which means it’s possible that Barbaric will be released on HBO Max and Disney+ at the same time, possibly around the end of October 2022.

But chances are you’ll see Barbaric on Hulu instead of Disney+ because that’s where a previous 20th century movie release, Bob’s Burgers, finished. Hulu is also owned by Disney, and it would be a more suitable home for the R-rated horror flick than Disney’s family streamer.


No. Barbaric will not air on Netflix, as it will eventually air on HBO Max and Hulu. Sorry!

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