Is Nicolas Cage’s new film streaming?


In a world full of people, there is only one Nicolas cage and he has a new movie called … Pig. The film is about an isolated man whose cherished truffle pig is stolen during a home invasion. Emotional devastation leads him on a quest to return to civilization in search of his precious pig. While this may be a revenge movie, it is not a revenge thriller ala John wick, Where I saw the devil. It’s a dark, slower Cage rage that audiences are increasingly used to. It is an evolution of silence and darkness intertwined between explosions of emotion and violence in the second half of Mandy– an arthouse revenge horror film featuring another must-see performance by Nic Cage.

Pig writer / director note Michel Sarnoskifirst feature film of, after several short films and series. While NEON and A24 share a penchant for collaborating with the latest emerging talents, Pig appears to be the most adjacent movie to NEON’s A24 since Revenge (2017). The first reviews are available and the NEON films Pig sits high on the 97% pork on Rotten Tomatoes. Strong visual storytelling—Pig supposedly reinforces a silent opening similar to Paul thomas anderson‘s There will be blood-and a detention Nic cage the performance has long been cited as a major strength of the film. It’s finally available to the general public, so here’s a rundown of where it can and can’t be found right now.

Does Pig play in theaters?


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Pig open in some cinemas from July 16. With the NEON films as a distributor, it’s almost guaranteed to play Alamo Drafthouse given that they share a founder. Of course, the goliaths of AMC, Cinemark and Regal Cinema are expected to resume Pig in theaters, depending on the market for it in their hall. The programming crunch, persistent COVID-19 protocols, and the arthouse nature of the film could make its theatrical window a bit unpredictable, so it’s best to see this film while it’s available.

Is Pig streaming available on all platforms?

Not yet. Pig Apparently won’t be available to stream until after it hits the big screen. NEON movies often make their way to one of two streaming services depending on their endpoint, Hulu or Shudder, so subscribers should keep a close eye on recent arrivals over the next few months.

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Can I watch Pig on VOD?

Yes. Pig released on VOD on August 3 and is now available for rental or digital possession through various retailers.

Nicolas Cage Movies Streaming Now

color out of space

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If you don’t wanna wait Pig to get online to get your cage fix, good news, you have some great streaming options right now. Nicolas Cage’s semi-recent horror fan favorites Color out of space and Mandy are currently broadcasting on Shudder while Willy’s Wonderland is on Hulu.

Watch him suffer the side effects of Lovecraftian terrors alongside Joely richardson (Pinch / Tuck), Madeleine Arthur (To all the boys I’ve loved before), Elliot’s Knight (american gothic), and Tommy chong in Color out of space, or watch his life under the invasion of a sadistic sect with Andrea Riseborough (Possessor) in Mandy. Both SpectreVision films feature beautiful landscapes, touching stories and violent encounters.

Willy’s Wonderland is a more comedic horror tale about a janitor being hunted down by large animatronic monsters in a kid’s restaurant and arcade combo. It’s another role defined by physical performance versus vocalization, but this time it’s covered in blood and pleasure.

For fans of the funnier side of Nic Cage, look up The story of swear words on Netflix, where he hosts a six-episode series about everyone’s favorite words.

Upcoming films by Nicolas Cage

With the news of Amazon’s adaptation of The Tiger King story, it looks like Cage will no longer face Joe Exotic’s mullet and mustache. Fans will have to look to his performances in upcoming films for their Nic fix. He’s about to take on the role of himself – damn it yeah – as a CIA secret agent in The unbearable weight of massive talents through Tom gormican (This annoying moment) and Kevin etten (workaholics), which will be released next year.

He also plays in The pension plan, an action comedy featuring Ron Perlman (Sons of anarchy), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), and Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga) next year too.

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