Is the Blumhouse movie streaming?

The horror film “They/Them” (pronounced “They Slash Them”), from producers Jason Blum and Michael Aguilar, finally hits screens the first week of August.

Written, directed and produced by John Logan (“Skyfall”, “Gladiator”, “The Aviator”) and produced by Kevin Bacon, Scott Turner Schofield, Howie Young and Michael Aguilar, the film features LGBTQIA+ youth in attendance and gay conversion camp.

The fear-based film marks the directorial debut of gay playwright John Logan. Logan has previously written Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator,” as well as Tim Butron’s “Sweeney Todd” and Martin Scorsese’s “HUGO.” He also created Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful.” “The/Them” premiered at the 40th Los Angeles Outfest Film Festival in early July.

TheWrap has gathered all the details on how to watch “They/Them” below.

Will “they/them” be broadcast?

After premiering on the closing night of Outfest 2022, “They/Them” will land on Peacock for general audiences on August 5th.

Who is in “they/them”?

Kevin Bacon stars as Owen Whistler, who runs the LGBTQIA+ conversion camp where the story takes place. The film will also star Anna Chlumsky (“Inventing Anna”, “Veep”), Theo Germaine (“The Politician”, “Work In Progress”), Carrie Preston (“Claws”, “Dr. Death”). Quei Tann (“How to Get Away With Murder”, “Dear White People”), Austin Crute (“Booksmart”, “Daybreak”), Monique Kim (“High Expectasians”, “Looks That Kill”), Anna Lore (“All American”, “Doom Patrol”), Cooper Koch (“Less Than Zero”, “A Christmas Wedding in New York”) and Darwin del Fabro (“Dangerous Liaisons, Novo Mundo”).

What is “they” talking about?

The original Peacock film is set in a gay conversion camp with programming aimed at “helping campers find a new sense of freedom”. The trailer shows campers arriving at Camp Whistler on a bus, driving under a sign that reads “Respect Renew Rejoice.” The week-long stay begins with the abandonment of mobile phones and a division into boy and girl cabins. Scary counselors use questionable methods of conversion therapy, which only get scarier. Soon a masked killer begins to appear to cut off some campers.

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