Is Ti West’s Horror Movie X streaming on Netflix or Hulu?

Horror fans, there’s a new movie now in theaters for you to enjoy, Ti West’s X movie! It’s now on the big screen and that’s really where this movie is meant to be experienced. However, we understand if going out to the movies is still not an option for you. Well you might have to wait a bit longer to watch like X isn’t streaming anywhere, but when it is, here’s what we know about where you’ll find it among all those streaming platforms available today.

Having so many streaming services to choose from has its pros and cons. On the bright side, we’re never short of movies and shows to watch, but, at the same time, finding what you’re looking for can get a little confusing! We are here to help!

Now, as we said, as of this writing, X is a cinema exclusive. Yes, unfortunately this means that in order to enjoy the film you will have to go to your local cinema. But these days, movies are coming to streaming sooner rather than later, so I bet Ti West X the film will be available on VOD before the end of spring. And after VOD, where will it be streaming?

Will Ti West’s X movie go to Netflix or Hulu?

HBO Max might have been your first thought, that’s where most major pictures go, but not A24 movies. Most (if not all) of A24’s movies end up calling Netflix, Hulu, or even Prime Video their streaming home. That said, I doubt X is going to be the exception.

On Prime Video, you will find the A24 Hereditary, Lighthouse, and Midsommar, Just to name a few. These movies are also available to stream on Hulu. As for Netflix, it’s the home of the A24s Uncut gems. As soon as the film finds a streaming home, we’ll update this post! Where do you think it will end, Netflix or Hulu? Maybe Prime Video?

Are you watching X in theaters this weekend waiting for the horror movie to air on Prime Video or Netflix?

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