Kevin Hart Talks Netflix Movies As Me Time Gets Worst Career Score From Rotten Tomatoes

In a post, the comedian and actor shared snaps of The reverse, paternity, True storyThe man from Toronto and his last movie me timealongside a caption in which he said he was “proud” of his team at his production company Hartbeat.

However, while Hart seems to be sticking with his latest effort, reviews have been less than kind.

Examiners called Me time – which fell on August 26 – ‘surprisingly not funny’, “a series of silly comedic set pieces” and “perhaps Kevin Hart’s worst film to date”.

However, in his Instagram post, Hart hinted at a possible return to form, promising fans that they won’t know “what the f**k hit them” when his next two movies land.

He wrote: “A big thank you to @netflix for their support and love for all of these projects….I also want to thank all of my producing and writing partners on all of these projects…it’s all about progress…at Hartbeat, we want to provide the world with amazing feel good/relatable material.

“I’m so proud of my executive and creative team at Hartbeat… I swear we’re just getting started. We have more heat coming soon!

Credit: Instagram/Kevin Hart

“Come on fucking gooooooo…I want more so I plan to do more…wait until you see the change in these next two movies. You won’t know what the f**k hit you… stay tuned.

The actor shared the post less than a week later me time was released, earning Hart his lowest score ever on Rotten Tomatoes.

In case you haven’t seen it, me time centers on stay-at-home dad Sonny (played by Hart) who finds himself with time off — or “me time,” if you prefer — while his wife and kids are away.

With the extra time he has, Sonny reunites with his old pal Huck (played by Mark Wahlberg) for a wild weekend to celebrate his birthday.

Me Time stars Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg as old friends who reconnect for a wild weekend.  Credit: Netflix
Me Time stars Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg as old friends who reconnect for a wild weekend. Credit: Netflix

It earned its stars Hart and Wahlberg their lowest ever score from Rotten Tomatoes critics – just 7% – while the audience score was just over 29%.

On IMDb, it didn’t fare much better, with a five out of 10.

However, me time debuted on the streaming service as the second most-watched title – beaten only by the new series echoes – and was the most-watched movie, racking up 59.2 million hours watched in its first three days on Netflix.

If you want to find out what it is for yourself, then me time is streaming on Netflix now.

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