Letters on Light Pollution, GRUs, POWs and MIAs and Netflix Movies

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Light pollution

I applaud Gainesville Regional Utilities’ decision to upgrade all streetlights to energy efficient LEDs. However, the new lights are extremely bright and cause excessive light pollution that encroaches on the property not intended to be lit. It is also harmful to nocturnal wildlife.

An inexpensive solution to this is a simple shield around the bulb that blocks the harsh view of the direct light source and directs the light down to the ground where it belongs. When I called the appropriate city department recently to request a street light screen for a street light near my home, I was surprised to learn that they had never heard of light screens.

I believe keeping our night skies dark is healthy for everyone and is a goal shared by most people in our community. This website has much more information on this subject: darksky.org.

Martin Kavanaugh, Gainesville

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Beneficial program

A big thank you to everyone who helped make our recent GRU LEEP program a simple process.

Robert Wiley and Scott from GRU were available, helpful, professional and fun to work with throughout the process. The GRU energy evaluation enabled my sister and nephew to purchase a brand new Trane air conditioning system for their home. It has already proven to be beneficial! The contractor selected from the four quotes was Comfort Temp. The Comfort Temp team worked hard all day and did an outstanding job installing the new manager and AC unit.

For those of you in our community who are wondering about LEEP, it is a program that helps low and moderate income customers make improvements to their homes such as new air conditioning systems, new insulation and water heaters to reduce their customers’ energy consumption. I would strongly recommend that GRU customers check out this program to see if they qualify.

We greatly appreciate GRU and everyone involved in the LEEP program. If you are interested, you can find out more by visiting www.GRU.com/LEEP.

Tina Kercheval, Gainesville

Remembers POWs and MIAs

September 16 is National Prisoner of War/MIA Appreciation Day. It is a day to pause solemnly to remember and honor the commitments and sacrifices made by our country’s prisoners of war and those who are missing in all wars.

About 81,500 soldiers are still missing from all past wars. And their families are still waiting. There are still 1,584 MIAs from the Vietnam War, including 53 from Florida. Official US intelligence indicates that Americans known to have been alive or in captivity in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam were not returned at the end of the war.

Please pause on September 16 to recognize American POWs/MIAs. Please write to your Congressional Representatives and Senators to ensure bipartisan support for full and accurate accounting of our MIAs. As a nation, we must never forget their sacrifices and we must commit to bringing them home. We must continue to say that without the service and sacrifice of the American military, there would be no United States of America.

I am one of the lucky family members who has an answer – my brother, SFC Alan L. Boyer, who anchored MIA on March 28, 1968 in Laos, was identified and buried in Arlington National Cemetery in June 2016 , almost 48 years to the day. he disappeared.

Judi Boyer Bouchard, Newberry

Educational films

Recently, several subscribers submitted a joint letter highlighting the serious health dangers of obesity, leading to heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and COVID-19. They urged readers to change their diet and exercise.

I agree. For a more insightful, educational and entertaining follow-up, I invite those of you who really want to lose weight, be healthier, live longer and reduce your dependence on drugs, to watch two films: “The Game Changers” and “What the health.” Both can be watched for free on Netflix or YouTube.

Stuart Floyd, Gainesville

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