List of all the movies coming out this month

We’ve shown you the full list of new movies and shows coming to Netflix in October 2021. Then, we took it a bit deeper to specifically highlight all of them. New Netflix originals coming in October (films and series). Finally, we’ve narrowed it down to all New Movies to hit Netflix next month. Wondering if all Netflix movies are leaving soon? And you have to see all the shows leaving next month. The good news is, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Now is the time to take a look at all the movies and TV shows slated to be leaving Netflix in October. This means that this is your last chance to check them out before they are gone.

Netflix movies are leaving soon

It’s been a great month for new Netflix additions and next month is shaping up to be the same. Some of the highly anticipated new content slated to debut in the coming weeks include Lock & Key season 2, The babysitters club season 2, Brilliant: samurai soul, and You season 3. However, there is definitely one title that surpasses them all. On everything else, Army of thieves premieres October 29! This is the highly anticipated prequel to Zack Snyder’s hit Army of the dead. Netflix subscribers can’t wait to see it!

Of course, there is a lot of new content to look forward to next month. But there are also older titles that are shown at the door. A total of 35 different films and full seasons of TV series are slated for release during the month. This means this is your last chance to stream them before they are gone. A sprinkle of titles will be leaving Netflix here and there starting October 1, but the date to really remember is October 31. This is when 19 different titles will be removed from the Netflix catalog in the United States. Plus, there are some really great titles on the list. Highlights include Angels, Catch Me If You Can, The “Da Vinci Code, Ferris Bueller’s day off, and Creation.

But don’t be put off by all of this. You still have plenty of time to stream most of the Netflix movies that are leaving soon. Scroll down to see everything leaving Netflix in October 2021.

Netflix Movies Leaving This Month

Departure on October 1st

  • Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
  • Tales from the Hood 2

Departure on October 3

Departure on October 6

Departure October 14

  • Cheech & Chong’s Still Smokin

Departure on October 15th

Departure on October 17th

Departure on October 20

  • Containment: Season 1
  • Free fire

Departure October 21

Departure October 23

Departure on October 27

  • Rango
  • Shine On with Reese: Season 1

Departure October 28

Departure October 30

  • The 12th man
  • Zack and Miri do a porn

Departure on October 31

  • 60 days in: Season 5
  • Angels
  • Los Angeles War
  • Beowulf
  • Billy in the Street: Seasons 1-5
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • The “Da Vinci Code
  • Ferris Bueller’s day off
  • Forged in Fire: Season 6
  • The broken hearted child
  • The impossible
  • Creation
  • The revenge of a blonde
  • Thousand 22
  • Norman Lear: Just another version of you
  • Account: Limited Series
  • Snowden
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
  • Yes man

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