List of upcoming Robert De Niro 2022 movies: names, trailer, release date, budget


Robert De Niro is a legend and no one can dispute that. Not only an actor, but he’s also a director and producer. From action to comedy, drama and horror, Robert De Niro has made films of all kinds. However, it is difficult to predict the impact of future Robert De Niro films, but it can safely be said that they will be filled with good content and iconic performances.

List of Robert De Niro’s upcoming films in 2022:

‘The formula’:

“The formula” is a detective genre and Robert De Niro is no stranger to this genre.

Robert De Niro has made movies like Ronin, Heat and The Godfather Part II and now he’s ready to be part of another crime genre again, which is “The Formula”.

John Boyega will also star in the film alongside Robert De Niro.

This film will be released via Netflix, which was also the home of his crime drama “The Irishman”.

The release date and other details regarding the film have yet to be announced.

“After exile”:

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, Robert De Niro will soon be seen in ‘After Exile’.

This film will be a crime drama that will see Robert De Niro play the role of Ted Delaney, a father trying to help his son, Mike.

He will be seen helping his son get back into society after serving time in prison for killing someone in a robbery.

The official announcement regarding the release date has yet to be announced.

“Time of Armageddon”:

Robert De Niro will soon be leading this film with star actors next year. The film will be directed by James Gray.

The film is described as a coming-of-age story based on the drama of the director’s experience in pre-Reagan America.

The release date and other star actors have yet to be announced.

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