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Netflix is ​​cleaning up spider webs and removing a number of TV titles and movies from its library this month.

Among the films the streamer drops off the platform is the 2011 sci-fi sports drama directed by Hugh Jackman. Real steel. Based on Richard Matheson’s short story “Steel”, the film takes place in a futuristic 2020 where human boxers have been replaced by robots. Ric Roman Waugh director is also set to leave Angel fell, the third part of the Fell film series, starring Gerard Butler alongside Morgan Freeman and Jada Pinkett Smith. The action thriller follows Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Butler) as he attempts to clear his name after being accused of a drone attack on the President.

Other movies slated for release include horror turn around, directed by Leonardo DiCaprio Catch Me If You Can and Creation, classic of the 80s Ferris Bueller’s day off, Reese Witherspoon’s favorite The revenge of a blonde and Los Angeles War, which sees Marine Staff Sergeant Aaron Eckhart confronting a global alien invasion in today’s Los Angeles.

TV series leaving the streamer include the first and only season of Mist, which was based on the 1980 Stephen King horror novel of the same name, and seasons one through five of Billy Eichner’s reality comedy Billy in the street.

Despite the departure of all content, Netflix has announced a number of new movies and TV shows that will be added during the month.

Read on for the list of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in October.

October 1st
Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
Tales from the Hood 2

October 3
Angel fell

October 6
Real steel

October 14
Cheech & Chong’s Still Smokin

October 15
The creative brain

17 october
turn around

20 october
Containment season 1
Free fire

21st of October
The Colibri project

23 october
Mist : Season 1

October 27
Shine On with Reese: Season 1

October 28
Puppy star

October 30
The 12th man
Zack and Miri do a porn

October 31
Los Angeles War
Billy in the street: Seasons 1-5
Catch Me If You Can
The “Da Vinci Code
Ferris Bueller’s day off
Forged in fire: Season 6
The broken hearted child
The impossible
The revenge of a blonde
Thousand 22
Norman Lear: Just another version of you
Account: Limited Series
60 days in:
Season 5
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny
Yes man

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