Netflix Christmas Movies 2021: Every Christmas Movie Streaming This Year


“The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star” | Mark Mainz / Netflix

“The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star” | Mark Mainz / Netflix

When the holidays draw near, you can always count on Netflix to provide you with all the holiday season, holiday greetings, good news, and more. by posting a list of new vacation movies and series. This year is no different, with a handful of titles, some perfect for family reading, others straight out of the Hallmark rom-com playbook, and sequel to past Christmas hits, coming out in November. and December. So, whip up a cup of mint hot chocolate, roast chestnuts on the fire, and get comfortable on the couch, because here are all the new titles coming to Netflix that you can watch this season once you’ve revisited. your favorite Christmas classics. .

nina dobrev and jimmy o'yang in hard love
‘Love hard’ | Bettina Strauss / Netflix

The Claus family (available 1/11)

Netflix doesn’t wait a second to ring in the season. The streaming service is launching its 2021 vacation list as soon as possible with the release of this film. In it, a boy named Jules Claus discovers that he is in fact the Clauses and his toy-making grandfather is Santa Claus himself (which perhaps should have been a no-brainer). Although he hates the holidays himself, it is up to him to save the holidays when Grandpa gets sick.

Love hard (available on 05/11)

It’s unclear how a young Internet-savvy youngster could still get catfish these days, but regardless, this is a Netflix vacation romantic comedy! Nina Dobrev stars in Love hard as a woman who travels across the country to spend the holidays with a man she has only spoken to on a dating app, only to find out that she has been fished by her childhood friend (Jimmy O ‘ Yang).
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Kelsey grammar in santa claus is back
“Santa Claus is back” | Netflix

Santa is back (available 11/7)

Oh, the drama that follows when a distant relative comes home for the holidays. This is exactly what happens in this film when an absent father played by Kelsey Grammar tries to reconnect with his four adult daughters around Christmas. Of course, the festivities take place in their “chic ancestral mansion” because where else would they be?

Christmas stream (available on 17/11)

If you have finished the holiday movies and want to tune in to the holidays series, Christmas stream is the first of the season on Netflix. The French romantic comedy show follows the unlikely romance that flourishes between a motivated journalist and a rapper around Christmas. So it’s on the holiday theme just because.
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Queen Margaret Princess Switch, Vanessa Hudgens in Princess Switch 3
“The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star” | Mark Mainz / Netflix

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (available on 11/18)

It’s not really the holiday season until Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens & Vanessa Hudgens return to Netflix! The actress and her many lookalikes are back in a third movie in this wacky Netflix movie franchise. This time around, the lookalikes plan a heist to recover a precious princess relic that has been stolen.
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Christmas blown away (available on 19/11)

Of course, some of Netflix’s nifty reality TV shows are coming back with special holiday deals. This one about Talented Glassblowers brings back a handful of fan-favorite contestants to take part in themed challenges to win a cash prize and a prize to be donated to the charity of their choice.
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Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Festin (available 11/23)

It’s time to take another trip to the land of frozen foods! Michelle Obama’s sweet children’s cooking show, which premiered earlier this year, returns with a vacation special. This time around, Waffles and Mochi want to celebrate what they call “Freezie Day” and have a feast for their friends to enjoy.
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Henry Lawfull in A Boy Called Christmas
“A boy called Christmas” | Netflix

A boy called Christmas (available on 24/11)

Matt Haig’s beloved children’s book is the subject of a whimsical adaptation. The adventure story finds a boy named Nikolas on a snowy quest to find his long-lost father, who is believed to be in the fantasy elven village known as Elfhelm. The cast is led by Maggie Smith, Sally Hawkins, Kristen Wiig and others.
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Robin robin (available on 24/11)

What are vacations without a bit of stop-motion? This film comes from Aardman Animation, the British animation studio behind franchises like Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the sheep, and follows the journey of a small bird that sets out to discover its biological parents after being raised by a family of mice when its egg rolled from its nest into theirs years ago. Gillian Anderson and Richard E. Grant are part of the voice cast.
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Cary Elwes and Brooke Shields in a Castle for Christmas
“A castle for Christmas” | Mark Mainz / Netflix

A castle for Christmas (available 11/26)

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the most cheesy, star-studded new movie of the year. A castle for Christmas pulls a handful of typical characters and plot points from the holiday movie bag to see a relationship develop between an American author (Brooke Shields) and a Scottish castle owner (Cary Elwes) when the writer tries to buy him out the castle for the holidays. Expect to see more tartan than you could ever have dreamed of.
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Elves (available on 28/11)

Forget the adorable DIY elves at Santa’s Workshop. They are nothing like those in this Danish series. Here they are very real, but they are also very fierce deities for a strict religious community in the Danish archipelago. When a family goes there and their daughter brings home an elf, it’s not some weird little conundrum – according to Netflix, it’s a “life or death” battle and a fight for survival. So, not your typical Christmas special.

Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie in single until the end
“Singles to the end” | Philippe Bosse / Netflix

Single until the end (available on 12/2)

This puny title! Netflix has a queer vacation movie slipping down the chimney. In Single until the end, a Christmas riddle unfolds when a young man asks his best friend to pretend to be her boyfriend while on vacation, only to come home and find out that his mother (Kathy Najimy) has set him up on a date. you blind. The hilarious Jennifer Coolidge is also on the bill.

The Great British Pastry Fair: The Holidays, Season 4 (available 12/3)

Will Paul Hollywood be a Grinch in this season of GBBS‘special holiday? We’ll find out as the show brings together fan favorites from seasons past to bake cakes, canapes and more.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas (available on 12/3)

Everyone’s favorite sheep is back on a new adventure, as he tries to find his dear friend Timmy, who was taken away on a raid on a farm, and bring him home in time for the holidays. .

David and the Elves (available 12/6)

When a young boy’s parents are too wrapped up in work to get into the seasonal spirit, the magic of Christmas manages to track him down when he meets an elf who has escaped from Santa’s workshop and l ‘takes on a trip to the snow-capped mountains of Scandinavia.

Lauren and Josh Swickard in California Christmas City Lights
“A Californian Christmas: the lights of the city” | Netflix

A Californian Christmas: the city lights (available on 12/16 /)

Netflix has plenty of Hallmark-y Christmas movies, but not all of them warrant a sequel. Apparently, A Californian Christmas– about the love affair between Callie and Joseph in a beautiful wine estate – yes. Their romance is really put to the test here, as Joseph returns to the big city from his charming rustic life to take care of family matters.

Grumpy Christmas (available 12/22/2)

A sequel to the 2016 Mexican comedy The Patriarch, about a cranky 85-year-old man who was evicted from his retirement home and forced to move in with his estranged son. In the sequel, they travel to celebrate Christmas with their extended family, and eventually everyone gets confused.

tamar novas 1000 miles from christmas
“1000 miles of Christmas” | ANDRES PADUANO / NETFLIX

1000 Christmas miles (available 12/24)

A man who despises Christmas is sent by his boss to audit a factory known to make a traditional candy in town dedicated to the holiday. When he ends up staying with a charming teacher whose goal is to create the largest nursery ever (and he inevitably learns the real meaning vacation), his business plans get especially tough in this Spanish romantic comedy.

How to spoil Christmas, Season 2 (available to be confirmed in December)

Netflix’s South African holiday series is back for more Christmas gatherings and laughs. The next episode will continue to follow the romance of the adorable couple, Tumi and Khaya.

A Christmas Naija (available to be confirmed in December)

Originating in Nigeria, this comedy centers on three siblings who scramble to find dates – and possibly wives – to bring home in order to make their mother’s biggest Christmas wish come true, which is that they will get together. get married before the holidays.

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