Netflix movies and shows to watch (and skip) this weekend: February 11

Last week Netflix didn’t give us too much to stream, but that’s changing this weekend! Along with so much new content on the way, the streaming titan also has plenty currently available. Needless to say, your weekend is packed and ready. All you need is your favorite snack. Below, we share the Netflix movies and shows to stream (or skip) this weekend, February 11-13.

Even though not much content aired this weekend, I think Netflix can afford to take a few weeks off. After all, it beats all other streaming platforms when it comes to the amount of content it offers. But that doesn’t mean that everything available is worth watching! That’s why we bring you a list of Netflix movies and shows to check out, and also include what to skip.

Netflix movies and shows to watch this weekend

  • Disenchantment, February 9
  • Love is blind season 2, February 11
  • Invent Anna, February 11th
  • big girl 2

fans of Disenchantment have been waiting for new episodes for a long time and have already started watching. Catch up this weekend! Another highly anticipated new season is Love is blind season 2, fans can’t wait to dive into this one! New drama, new couples! Will it be as good as season 1? Only one way to find out!

Netflix movies and shows to skip this weekend

  • big bug, February 11th
  • love and leaves, February 11th

Look, we don’t want to throw shade at these two films, but they just don’t capture our attention. big bug seems to be targeting families, and my go-to streaming service for family and kid-friendly content is already Disney+. As for love and leashes, it’s basically 50 shades of grey, just check out the synopsis – a man with “unique sexual tastes” meets a woman who learns his secrets. They begin a three-month romance under contract.

What are you going to stream (or skip) this weekend?

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