Netflix movies in theaters? The platform organizes its festival despite the controversy

See a Netflix movie at the theater? This was previously impossible in France because of the media chronology law which gives cinemas the first scoop on new products, with paid streaming platforms having to wait 36 ​​months to offer them to their subscribers.

While this deadline is about to be renegotiated, the Californian company may have gone a little fast by approaching several art and testing rooms, including the MK2 and Utopia networks, in order to organize before Christmas a festival offering several of his original films, already online. or to come.

The anger of distributors and operators

This project, unveiled at the beginning of the week by French cinema, made cinema distributors jump when attendance fell, especially since the introduction of the health pass. If Hollywood blockbusters love To die can wait Or Dune recorded good scores, independent films, French and foreign, are indeed lagging behind.

Such an initiative around Netflix productions would deprive these films of screenings and theaters when they need them most.“, For its part reacted the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF).The platform’s marketing campaign would also eclipse the release of these films.“.

Several unreleased films on the platform

Obviously anxious not to alienate the profession, the French management of the platform has revised its ambitions downwards. This Thursday, she announced the holding from December 7 to 14 of the “Netflix Film Club”, a cycle of screenings to be held at the Cinémathèque française in Paris and at the Lumière Institute in Lyon.

On the program, several films that will already be available on this date on the platform: Pieces of a woman by Kornél Mundruczó, Malcolm & Marie by Sam Levinson, The more they fall by Jeymes Samuel, The power of the dog Jeanne Campion, the guilty Antoine Fuqua and chiaroscuro Rebecca Room.

The Netflix Film Club will also offer three unreleased films: Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial Adam McKay with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence at the head of a maddening celeb cast, God’s hand by Italian Paolo Sorrentino and The lost girl, the debut film by American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The choice of these two non-market institutions is not trivial since it exempts Netflix from asking the authorities for a dispensation from the media chronology. It must also be said that the platform is already working hand in hand with these two places. Last spring, it notably announced its participation, alongside the Cinémathèque française, in financing the reconstitution of the Napoleon by Abel Gance, a silent film classic released in 1927.

On video

Netflix absorbs nearly a quarter of internet traffic in France

It is moreover in exchange for a contribution to the financing of French cinema that Netflix, like other paid streaming platforms, is preparing to negotiate a shortening of the time between online and theatrical release, in within the framework of the application of a European directive dating from 2018.

The subject creates strong tensions within the profession since for many distributors and exhibitors, it is out of the question that the platforms can produce simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases, as is the case in the United States.

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