New Netflix Movies and Shows (December 2021)


The year is almost over, but there are so many new Netflix movies and shows coming in December 2021. Netflix just shared the full list of what’s new on Netflix in December 2021.

Netflix ends 2021 on a high note. We have seen some really good months for new Netflix movies and shows in 2021. July has been amazing with Outer Banks, Virgin River, Fear Steet, Gunpowder Milkshake and more. September was also very good with Lucifer, Sex Education, Squid Game, Midnight Mass, and more.

December 2021 is easily bigger and better than those two months. Netflix always adds a ton of great shows and movies during the holidays, and no one (outside of Hallmark and Lifetime) is releasing as many holiday movies this year as Netflix.

Overall, it’s been a good month. Let’s come to the list of new Netflix releases for December 2021.

The best Netflix movies

Netflix has it all to bring new movies to the streaming service in December. There are Netflix originals, holiday classics, Christmas movies, Oscar contenders and more!

The power of the dog

Release Date: December 1

Benedict Cumberbatch stars alongside Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Thomasin McKenzie, Genevieve Lemon, Keith Carradine and Frances Conroy in The power of the dog. It is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Savage.

This movie has great vibes of contender for Best Picture.

Single until the end

Release Date: December 2

Christmas movie alert! Single until the end stars Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Luke MacFarlane, Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Robertson, Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Najimy. It tells the story of Peter, who asks his friend to pose as his boyfriend for Christmas. Things are not going as planned!

The unforgivable

Release Date: December 10

Sandra Bullock plays in The Unpardonable, the story of a woman who commits a violent crime and is subsequently released from prison. She is trying to rebuild her life. Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, Richard Thomas, Linda Emond, Aisling Franciosi, Rob Morgan and Viola Davis are also staring in the Netflix movie.

Do not seek

Release Date: December 24

Do not seek stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as two astronomers trying to alert the world to an incoming asteroid that could wipe out the planet. He’s another Oscar nominee!

The lost girl

Release Date: December 31

The lost girl stars Dakota Johnson and Olivia Colman, and it is directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. It is based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante.

Best Netflix Shows

Look, there are a lot of new Netflix movies on the way in December, but where things are really going well is with the lineup of new Netflix shows coming in December.

Let’s take a look at the list!

Lost in Space season 3

Release Date: December 1

The last season of Lost in space premieres on the first day of the month, and it starts the month off on the right foot.

Money Heist season 5 part 2

Release Date: December 3

It all comes down to this. The last five episodes of Money Heist will be released in early December. It really is the end of an era.

The witcher season 2

Release Date: December 17

Fans have been waiting for two years The witcher season 2, and that wait ends on December 17th. The witcher season 3 is already in preparation.

Emily in Paris season 2

Release Date: December 22

Christmas watch with the whole family? We thought we would have to wait until 2022 for Emily in Paris season 2, but Netflix is ​​ending the year with a new season of the romantic comedy series.

Cobra Kai season 4

Release Date: December 31

Cobra Kai Season 3 premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2021 and Cobra Kai season 4 will air on December 31, 2021. We started the year with Cobra Kai, and we end the year with Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai season 5 is already in preparation.

New on Netflix December 2021

We’ve shared the full list of what’s new on Netflix in December 2021 below!

New on Netflix: December 1

  • Lost in Space season 3
  • JoJo’s bizarre adventure season 5
  • The power of the dog
  • Kayko and Kokosh
  • Kayko and Kokosh season 2
  • Are you the only one: season 3
  • Blood and bone
  • Body of lies
  • Bordertown: murders
  • Chloe
  • Chocolate
  • Closer
  • Death at funeral
  • The Cat in the Dr Seuss Hat
  • The final destination
  • Final destination 3
  • Final destination 5
  • Fool’s gold
  • The fourth kind
  • Ink Master: Season 3
  • Master of Ink: Season 4
  • Knight Rider 2000
  • Knight Rider: Seasons 1-4
  • Law abiding citizen
  • The Legend of Zorro
  • Life
  • Curler
  • Zorro’s mask
  • Minority report
  • Pet Sematary (1989)
  • Premonition
  • Sabrina (1995)
  • Soul surfer
  • Stepmother
  • Stuart Small 2
  • Sucker Punch
  • Think like a man
  • tremors
  • We were soldiers
  • Wild things
  • Wyatt earp

New on Netflix: December 2

  • Single until the end
  • The mountaineer
  • All the truth
  • Coyote

New on Netflix: December 3

  • The Great British Pastry Fair: The Holidays
  • Mixing
  • Money Heist season 5 part 2
  • Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas
  • Cobalt blue
  • Colton Exit
  • Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin: Volume 2
  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 4

New on Netflix: December 5th

  • JAPAN SINKS: People of Hope: Season 1 (episode 8)

New on Netflix: December 6

New on Netflix: December 7th

  • Centaurworld season 2
  • Go Dog Go season 2
  • Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo)

New on Netflix: December 8

  • Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special

New on Netflix: December 9

  • Child of Asakusa
  • Baths on Broadway
  • Bonus family: Season 4
  • The family that sings together: the Camargos

New on Netflix: December 10

  • The unforgivable
  • Saturday morning: All-Star success
  • Back to the Outback
  • Aranyak
  • Anonymously yours
  • How to spoil Christmas: the funeral
  • The shack
  • Still out of my league
  • Twentysomethings: Austin (formerly the Roaring Twenties)
  • Of them

New on Netflix: December 11

  • Quick color
  • The hungry and the hairy

New on Netflix: December 12

  • JAPAN SINKS: People of Hope: Season 1 (Episode 9)

New on Netflix: December 13

New on Netflix: December 14

  • Newspaper of the future
  • Russell Howard: Lubricant
  • StarBeam: shine in the new year

New on Netflix: December 15th

  • God’s hand
  • Black Ink Crew New York: Seasons 3-4
  • The Challenge: Season 12
  • The Challenge: Season 25
  • Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe
  • The donor
  • Masha and the Bear: Nursery Rhymes: Season 1 Part 2
  • Masha and the Bear: Season 5
  • Sell ​​Tampa
  • Teen Mom 2: Season 3-4

New on Netflix: December 16

  • A Californian Christmas: the city lights
  • Aggretsuko: Season 4
  • Darkest hour
  • A Christmas Naija
  • Puff: wonders of the reef

New on Netflix: December 17th

  • The witcher season 2
  • Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 6: Homecoming

New on Netflix: December 18

  • Bulgasal: Immortal Souls
  • Old boy

New on Netflix: December 19

New on Netflix: December 20

  • Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar

New on Netflix: December 21

  • Jim Gaffigan: The Comedy Monster
  • Grumpy Christmas

New on Netflix: December 22

New on Netflix: December 23

  • Elite Short Stories: Patrick

New on Netflix: December 24

  • Do not seek
  • 1000 Christmas miles
  • Minnal Murali
  • The silent sea
  • STAND BY ME Doraemon 2
  • Vicky and her mystery
  • Zach Stone is going to be famous

New on Netflix: December 25

  • Jimmy Carr: his dark matter
  • Stories of a Generation – with Pope Francis
  • Hell of singles

New on Netflix: December 26

New on Netflix: December 28

  • Word Holiday Gifts: Mathematics!

New on Netflix: December 29

  • Anxious people
  • Crime scene: the Times Square killer

New on Netflix: December 30

  • Kitz
  • Hilda and the mountain king

New on Netflix: December 31

  • Cobra Kai season 4
  • The lost girl
  • Stay close
  • Seal team
  • Queer Eye season 6


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