New Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch This Week: Sep 27-Oct 1, 2021


We’re finally here, and by finally, I mean Friday kicks off Spook-tober and I’m excited to eat my weight in Halloween candy. Sure, we love to see it, but we also love to see all the new Netflix movies and shows that debut the week of September 27, 2021.

At Hidden Remote, we like to do our best to make your week a little more manageable and we do it here every week by sharing with you a quick list of what’s new on the streaming platform. It might be a light week to start the week for the platform, but the end of the week has some great new things to check out.

the guilty, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal’s debut last week at the Toronto International Film Festival to rave reviews, made me even more excited. It’s based on a Danish thriller of the same name about a police detective who was demoted to the rank of 911 operator. Can we finally get an Oscar for Jake? Please? It’s well overdue, Academy.

Between Spencer and Diane the musical, the year is full of stories about the Princess of Wales. The Broadway Musical About His Life was filmed in New York City and I’m really intrigued to find this one.

We’ve got a 911 operator, a Hollywood snapshot special, and a princess musical, all of which highlight what lies ahead this week on the streaming platform.

Let’s move on to the new Netflix movies and shows to stream this week.

New Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch

  • Hollywood clichés attack!, September 28
  • Ada Twist, scientist, September 28
  • Meateater: Season 10 Part 1, September 29
  • No one comes out alive September 29
  • Housemaid, October 1st
  • The guilty, October 1
  • Diane the musical, October 1

Based on our suggestions, what are you going to watch? Are you excited about Jake Gyllenhaal directed the guilty? Or did you watch the musical about Diana?


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