New releases for the week of October 3rd

We’re back once again to share all of the latest Netflix releases for this week. As always, you can see everything Netflix has been adding to its library this year in our huge roundup of all the best movies and series. Some of the notable highlights coming to Netflix for the week of October 3rd include Baking Impossible, Love Is Blind: Brazil, and There’s Someone Inside Your House.

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Netflix Releases | Table of Contents

Netflix Releases This Week | Week of October 3rd

Sunday, October 3rd

  • Scissor Seven: Season 3 — NETFLIX ANIME 🇨🇳
    • After his departure from Chicken Island, Seven makes a few detours before winding up in Xuanwu, where there’s a steep price on his head.
  • Upcoming Summer — NETFLIX FILM 🇨🇳
    • When a white lie leads to unexpected results, Chen Chen and Zheng Yuxing forge a deep friendship and must face the harsh realities of growing up.

Monday, October 4th

  • On My Block: Season 4 — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Two years after going their separate ways, Ruby, Jamal, Monse and Cesar face new threats and must decide if their friendship is truly ride or die.

Tuesday, October 5th

  • Escape The Undertaker — NETFLIX FILM
    • In this interactive film featuring WWE Superstars, The Undertaker has set a trap for the decorated tag team The New Day at his mansion. What they don’t know: The Undertaker’s mansion is an extreme Haunted House, packed to the brim with supernatural challenges. It’s up to viewers to decide the fate of these three poor souls trying to survive the wrath of The Undertaker.

Wednesday, October 6th

    • Bad Sport looks at six unbelievable stories at the intersection of sports and crime, as told by the athletes, coaches and law enforcement officials at the center of the controversies. Episodes include the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic figure skating scandal; superstar Indycar driver Randy Lanier’s marijuana-smuggling operation; the Arizona State University basketball point-shaving scheme; the horse hitman at the center of an insurance fraud ring; Calciopoli, the biggest match-fixing scandal in Italian football history; and South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje’s tragic fall from grace.
  • Baking Impossible — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Baking Impossible is a new competition series that pairs the most creative and innovative bakers with the best and brightest engineers to make creations that are beyond our wildest imaginations – the kicker is, it’s their first time working together! Every episode, teams of Bakineers (1 baker + 1 engineer) will compete in designing and baking creations that are required to not only taste delicious, but also survive intense engineering stress tests. Imagine an edible boat that floats, edible mini golf courses or an edible skyscraper that must withstand a simulated quake.
  • The Blacklist: Season 8
  • Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things
  • The Five Juanas — NETFLIX SERIES 🇲🇽
    • Five women with the same birthmark set out to unravel the truth about their pasts and discover a tragic web of lies spun by a powerful politician.
  • Love Is Blind: Brazil — NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes weekly) 🇧🇷
    • The dating experiment comes to Brazil as local singles look for true love and get engaged, all without meeting the other person face to face.
  • There’s Someone Inside Your House — NETFLIX FILM
    • Makani Young has moved from Hawaii to quiet, small-town Nebraska to live with her grandmother and finish high school, but as the countdown to graduation begins, her classmates are stalked by a killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the entire town, terrorizing victims while wearing a life-like mask of their own face. With a mysterious past of her own, Makani and her friends must discover the killer’s identity before they become victims themselves.

Thursday, October 7th

  • The Billion Dollar Code — NETFLIX SERIES 🇩🇪
    • In 1990s Berlin, an artist and a hacker invented a new way to see the world. Years later, they reunite to sue Google for patent infringement on it.
  • Sexy Beasts: Season 2 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇬🇧
    • It’s back — and beastier than ever. Follow six new singles as they strip away superficiality for a string of cheeky and charming costumed speed dates.
  • ​​The Way of the Househusband: Season 1 Part 2 — NETFLIX ANIME
    • After disappearing from the underworld, the legendary yakuza Tatsu, “the Immortal Dragon,” resurfaces — as a fiercely devoted stay-at-home husband.

Friday, October 8th

  • A Tale Dark & Grimm — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Based on the best-selling book series by Adam Gidwitz, the animated series follows Hansel and Gretel as they run away from home to find better parents…or at least ones who won’t chop off their heads! As Hansel and Gretel leave their own story and venture through other classic Grimm fairy tales, unexpected narrators’ guide us through their encounters with witches, warlocks, dragons and even the devil himself. As the siblings roam a forest brimming with menacing foes, they learn the true story behind the famous tales, as well as how to take charge of their destinies and create their own happily ever after. Because once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome.
  • Family Business: Season 3 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇫🇷
    • Whisked off to a remote monastery, the Hazans contend with volatile captors, a mind-bending new product line and a doozy of a family secret.
  • Grudge / Kin — NETFLIX FILM 🇹🇷
    • Ahead of a promotion, a police chief becomes embroiled in a fatal incident and uncovers a grudge-fueled plot that threatens his associates.
  • ​​LOL Surprise: The Movie
  • My Brother, My Sister — NETFLIX FILM 🇮🇹
    • When their father’s will forces them to live together, siblings Nik and Tesla — and Tesla’s kids — try to overcome their differences to become a family.
  • Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle — NETFLIX FAMILY 🇯🇵
    • Koko grows up in the jungle with a solitary Zarude. When he meets Ash and Pikachu, he discovers the human world — and a plot threatening his home!
  • Pretty Smart — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Book-smart Chelsea discovers she has a lot to learn about happiness when she’s forced to move in with her bubbly sister and three roommates.

Saturday, October 9th

  • Blue Period — NETFLIX ANIME 🇯🇵
    • Bored with life, popular high schooler Yatora Yaguchi jumps into the beautiful yet unrelenting world of art after finding inspiration in a painting.
  • Insidious: Chapter 2

Netflix Departures This Week | Week of September 26th

Sunday, October 3rd

Wednesday, October 6th

Those are all of the Netflix releases this week, covering the week of October 3rd.

Netflix Releases This Week | Week of September 26th

Tuesday, September 28th

  • Ada Twist, Scientist — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Pint-sized scientist Ada Twist and her two best friends are asking big questions — and working together to discover the truth about everything!
  • Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! — NETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL
    • Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! is a one-off special featuring some of the most famous films in cinematic history along with a plethora of Hollywood A-Listers, Screenwriters, Academics and Critics as they guide us through the funny, weird and controversial clichés which appear on our cinema screens.

Wednesday, September 29th

  • The Chestnut Man — NETFLIX SERIES 🇩🇰
    • A young woman is found brutally murdered in a Copenhagen playground. Next to her lies a small doll made of chestnuts. Adapted from the acclaimed novel.
  • Friendzone — NETFLIX FILM 🇫🇷
    • Hopeful romantic Thibault believes his luck could change when sparks fly between him and Rose. But can he go from bestie to boyfriend?
  • MeatEater: Season 10 Part 1 — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Steven’s quest for delicious game in exotic locales takes him into the Rockies and Ozarks, the swamps of North Carolina and the grasslands of Hawaii.
  • No One Gets Out Alive — NETFLIX FILM
    • A haunted house horror story, a sobering account of immigrant life, and a world where ancient folklore can become terrifyingly real.
  • Polly Pocket Season 3 Part 1
  • Sounds Like Love — NETFLIX FILM 🇪🇸
    • Fashion assistant Maca has just about got her life together after a devastating breakup, when Leo, the man who broke her heart returns. Seeking support from best friends, Adriana and Jime, all three will learn love can be complicated.

Thursday, September 30th

  • Love 101: Season 2 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇹🇷
    • The Istanbul-set series about 1990s teens navigating awkwardness and heartbreak returns for a second season.
  • Luna Park — NETFLIX SERIES 🇮🇹
    • In 1960s Rome, an encounter between a girl raised in a carnival and a girl from a rich home leads to intrigue, secrets and new and unexpected loves.
  • The Phantom

Friday, October 1st

  • A Knight’s Tale
  • A Sinister Sect: Colonia Dignidad — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY 🇩🇪
    • A colony of German Christians with a charismatic and manipulative leader establishes itself in Chile and becomes instrumental to the dictatorship.
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1
  • As Good as It Gets
  • Awakenings
  • B.A.P.S.
  • Bad Teacher
  • The Cave
  • Desperado
  • The Devil Inside
  • Diana: The Musical — NETFLIX SPECIAL
    • The dazzling and devastating life of Princess Diana takes center stage in this original musical, filmed in advance of its official Broadway opening.
  • Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
  • Double Team
  • The DUFF
  • Eagle Eye
  • Endless Love
  • Forever Rich — NETFLIX FILM 🇳🇱
    • A rising rap superstar spirals out when a humiliating video goes viral and pushes him into a battle for redemption — over the course of one long night.
  • Ghost
  • Gladiator
  • The Guilty — NETFLIX FILM
    • 911 operator Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) works relentlessly to save a caller in grave danger—but soon discovers that nothing is as it seems, and facing the truth is the only way out. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.
  • Hairspray (2007)
  • The Holiday
  • Jet Li’s Fearless
  • The Karate Kid (2010)
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
  • Léon: The Professional
    • Inspired by the New York Times best-selling memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land, MAID follows the story of Alex, a single mother who turns to housecleaning to — barely — make ends meet as she escapes an abusive relationship and overcomes homelessness to create a better life for her daughter, Maddy. Seen through the emotional yet humorous lens of a desperate but determined woman, this series is a raw and inspiring exploration of a mother’s resilience.
  • Malcolm X
  • Observe and Report
  • Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  • Paik’s Spirit — NETFLIX SERIES 🇰🇷
    • Drinks keep the conversation flowing as culinary star Paik Jong-won and celebrity guests talk life, food and booze over intoxicating meals.
  • Project X
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Rumor Has It…
  • Scaredy Cats — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • On Willa Ward’s twelfth birthday, she inherits a beautiful charm necklace that belonged to her mother, who was a witch. She soon learns 2 bad witches, Wilma and Wanda are after her locket so they can have ultimate power, and she alongside her best friends Scout and Lily turn into cats to escape. They must learn to use the necklace and her witch powers to defeat the bad witches and save their town.
  • Seinfeld: Seasons 1-9
  • Serendipity
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light — NETFLIX ANIME 🇯🇵
    • Meliodas and his friends jump back into action when the new era of peace is threatened by a powerful magical alliance that could spell the end for all.
  • Spy Kids
  • Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
  • Spy Kids 3: Game Over
  • Step Brothers
  • Swallow — NETFLIX FILM 🇳🇬
    • Waylaid by life’s pressures in 1980s Lagos, Nigeria, Tolani becomes involved in drug smuggling with her streetwise friend and must face the fallout.
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Till Death
  • Titanic
  • Tommy Boy
  • Unthinkable
  • Waterworld
  • Zodiac

Netflix Departures This Week | Week of September 26th

Sunday, September 26th

Thursday, September 30th

  • Air Force One
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember
  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  • Boogie Nights
  • Cradle 2 the Grave
  • Evil: Season 1
  • Fools Rush In
  • Insidious
  • The Karate Kid
  • The Karate Kid Part II
  • The Karate Kid Part II
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Kung Fu Panda 2
  • No Strings Attached
  • The Pianist
  • Prom Night
  • The Queen
  • Star Trek
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: Seasons 1-4
  • Star Trek: Seasons 1-3
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Seasons 1-7
  • The Unicorn: Season 1
  • Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Leaving October 1st

  • Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
  • Tales From the Hood 2

Those are all of the Netflix releases this week, covering the week of September 26th.

Netflix Releases This Week | Week of September 19th

Sunday, September 19th

Monday, September 20th

Tuesday, September 21st

  • Go! Go! Cory Carson: Chrissy Takes the Wheel — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Cory Carson’s curious little sister Chrissy speeds off on her own for fun and adventure all over town!
  • Love on the Spectrum: Season 2 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇦🇺
    • Love on the Spectrum S2 continues to tell the stories of people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of dating and relationships. With a few familiar faces, and some delightful new ones, this season represents an even wider range of people and personalities, showing just how diverse the autism spectrum really is.

Wednesday, September 22nd

  • Confessions of an Invisible Girl — NETFLIX FILM 🇧🇷
    • When the smart but socially awkward Tetê joins a new school, she’s ready to try everything to fit in with the cool kids. But soon, her plan hits a snag.
  • Dear White People: Volume 4 — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Reunited amid a pandemic, future Sam and Lionel look back on their epic final year together at Winchester — which plays out as a ’90s musical. This will definitely be one of the most popular Netflix releases.
  • Intrusion — NETFLIX FILM
    • After a deadly break-in at a couple’s new dream home, the traumatized wife searches for answers — and learns the real danger is just beginning.
  • Jaguar — NETFLIX SERIES 🇪🇸
    • In 1960s Spain, a Holocaust survivor joins a group of agents seeking justice against the hundreds of Nazis who fled to the nation to hide after WWII.
  • Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • In the late 1970s, an accused serial rapist claims multiple personalities control his behavior, setting off a legal odyssey that captivates America.

Thursday, September 23rd

  • Je Suis Karl — NETFLIX FILM 🇩🇪
    • After most of her family is murdered in a terrorist bombing, a young woman is unknowingly lured into joining the very group that killed them.

Friday, September 24th

  • Blood & Water: Season 2 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇿🇦
    • The Cape Town-set YA series returns with more twists and turns.
  • Ganglands (Braqueurs) — NETFLIX SERIES 🇫🇷
    • When his niece crosses a powerful drug kingpin, professional thief Mehdi and his crew of skilled robbers are pulled into a violent and deadly turf war.
  • Jailbirds New Orleans — NETFLIX SERIES
    • A look at life beyond the prison bars for a group of incarcerated women serving time in a New Orleans jail.
  • Midnight Mass — NETFLIX SERIES
    • A community experiences miraculous events and frightening omens after a mysterious priest’s arrival. From the creator of “The Haunting of Hill House”. It’s one of the best Netflix releases this week.
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Equestria’s divided. But a bright-eyed hero believes Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns should be pals — and, hoof to heart, she’s determined to prove it.
  • The Starling — NETFLIX FILM
    • A woman adjusting to life after a loss contends with a feisty bird that’s taken over her garden — and a husband who’s struggling to find a way forward.
  • Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY 🇮🇹
    • This documentary series examines the true story behind two of Sicily’s “Anti-Mafia” crusaders, who both wound up on trial for major crimes themselves.

That’s it for new Netflix releases this week. But there are also plenty of movies and series that are leaving Netflix before the end of the week.

Netflix Departures This Week | Week of September 19th

  • Nothing is leaving Netflix this week!

Those are all of the Netflix releases this week, covering the week of September 19th.

Netflix Releases This Week | Week of September 12th

Monday, September 13th

  • Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • This ambitious series covers the trailblazing Inspiration4 mission in near real-time, bringing viewers behind the scenes with the four crew members who will make history as the first all-civilian mission into orbit. Episodes 3 & 4 premiere Sept. 13.

Tuesday, September 14th

  • A StoryBots Space Adventure — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Join the StoryBots and the crew of the historic SpaceX Inspiration4 mission as they search for answers to kids’ questions about space.
  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 5 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇬🇧
    • Jovial comic Jack Whitehall and his stuffy father, Michael, take unusual and amusing trips to foreign lands in an attempt to strengthen their bond.
  • The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: Season 2 — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Travelers Megan Batoon, Jo Franco and Luis D. Ortiz discover more enchanting vacation properties for every budget and dish out tips for perfect stays.
  • You vs. Wild: Out Cold — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • After a plane crash leaves Bear with amnesia, he must make choices to save the missing pilot and survive in this high-stakes interactive adventure.

Wednesday, September 15th

  • Nailed It!: Season 6 — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Home bakers with a terrible track record take a crack at re-creating edible masterpieces for a cash prize. It’s part reality contest, part hot mess.
  • Nightbooks — NETFLIX FILM
    • Scary story fan Alex must tell a spine-tingling tale every night — or stay trapped with his new friend in a wicked witch’s magical apartment forever.
  • Saved by the Bell: Seasons 1-9
  • Schumacher — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY 🇩🇪
    • The life of Michael Schumacher, who rose to a Formula One icon thanks to a daring and defiant spirit, is explored in this insightful documentary.
  • Too Hot To Handle Latino — NETFLIX SERIES 🇲🇽 (NEW EPISODES WEEKLY)
    • A group of singles from across Latin America are challenged to give up sex. But on this reality show, abstinence comes with a silver lining: US$100,000.

Thursday, September 16th

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe — NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Mighty teen Adam and his heroic squad of misfits discover the legendary power of Grayskull — and their destiny to defend Eternia from sinister Skeletor.
  • Jaws
  • Jaws 2
  • Jaws 3
  • Jaws: The Revenge
  • My Heroes Were Cowboys — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • Robin Wiltshire, an immigrant inspired by the iconography of the Hollywood western, finds meaning and redemption through the art of horse training.

Friday, September 17th

  • Ankahi Kahaniya — NETFLIX FILM 🇮🇳
    • As big city life buzzes around them, lonely souls discover surprising sources of connection and companionship in three tales of love, loss and longing.
  • Chicago Party Aunt — NETFLIX SERIES
    • Chicago partier Diane is a beef-sandwich-chomping Bears fan with a talent for avoiding adulthood. But she has a soft spot for her nerdy nephew.
  • The Father Who Moves Mountains — NETFLIX FILM 🇷🇴
    • When his son goes missing during a snowy hike in the mountains, a retired intelligence officer will stop at nothing — and risk everything — to find him.
  • Sex Education: Season 3 — NETFLIX SERIES 🇬🇧
    • It’s a new year, Otis is having casual sex, Eric and Adam are official, and Jean has a baby on the way. Meanwhile, new headteacher Hope tries to return Moordale to a pillar of excellence.
  • Squid Game — NETFLIX SERIES 🇰🇷
    • Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.
  • The Stronghold — NETFLIX FILM 🇫🇷
    • Tired of the small-time grind, three Marseille cops get a chance to bust a major drug network. But lines blur when a key informant makes a big ask.

Netflix Departures This Week | Week of September 12th

Sunday, September 12th

Tuesday, September 14th

Wednesday, September 15th

  • Angry Birds: Seasons 1-2
  • As Above, So Below
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Thursday, September 16th

  • Penny Dreadful: Seasons 1-3

Saturday, September 18th

  • Beauty & the Beast: Seasons 1-4

Those are all of the Netflix releases for the week of September 12th. We will be back every week with more new movies, TV shows, and specials coming to the world’s biggest streaming service.

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