Paw Patrol: The Movie Streaming: When and Where You Can Watch The Movie Online

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In the event that a dangerous criminal is on the run or you yourself are in dire need of a rescue yourself, you wouldn’t normally think of calling in a group of small puppies led by a 10 year old boy. . . However, the furry friends of animation Paw Patrol the series are cute and heroic enough to have spanned 12 seasons over eight years on Nick Jr. and have inspired a new movie hitting theaters soon. Fortunately, those who prefer to spend a family movie night at home can find Paw Patrol: The Movie in streaming, but where? It seems like it’s time for us to save the day and help point you in the right direction.

Ryder and Paw Patrol in Paw Patrol: The Movie

Paw Patrol: the movie airs on Paramount + on August 20

Based on the long-running children’s animated series of the same name, Paw Patrol: The Movie sees the brave human boy Ryder (Will Brisbin) and his titular group of heroic young dogs take on their nemesis, Mayor Humdinger (Ron Pardo), who threatens to put Adventure City in a state of turmoil. Starring a star-studded cast including Jimmy Kimmel, Marvel movie star Randall Park, Dax Shepard, and even Kim Kardashian as a dog named Delores, the film hits theaters on Friday, August 20, 2021, but will also be available to stream simultaneously. on Paramount +.

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Paw Patrol movie will air on Paramount +, not Netflix

Paw Patrol: Will the movie be available on Netflix?

Whether or not Netflix will ever carry Paw Patrol: The Movie is actually a good question. There are several original Nickelodeon series (including Avatar: The Last Airbender and the original iCarly) and theatrically released films based on many of the network’s biggest hits (including the 1998s The Rugrats movie Where Hey Arnold: the movie) currently available on the digital platform. On this basis alone, it is not excluded that Paw Patrol: The Movie could someday be added to this catalog, however, for the time being, as the Paw Patrol series, which is available to stream on Paramount +, the film is likely to remain on Paramount +.

Stream PAW Patrol on Paramount +.

Jimmy Kimmel in Paw Patrol: The Movie

When will Paw Patrol: The movie be available on Blu-Ray and digital?

This is another good question because, at the moment, there is no official release date set for when Paw Patrol: The Movie will be available for purchase on DVD or Blu-ray or when the public can acquire it digitally. The fact that the original Paramount + The movie SpongeBob: the runaway sponge and Infinite not available for digital rental or on physical copies does not help matters. However, A Quiet Place, Part II, which hit theaters before hitting Paramount + on July 13, became available digitally the same day and on Blu-ray just two weeks later, meaning non-Paramount + subscribers may have the option of buy or rent Paw Patrol: The Movie in the weeks or months to come.

We hope we’ve answered all of your questions on how you can have a family movie night without leaving home with Paw Patrol: The Movie. Keep an eye out for one of the cutest and most anticipated movies of 2021 on August 20.

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