The Adam Project and more

A new weekend has arrived. It might be an hour shorter than others thanks to daylight saving time, but there are still great Netflix movies to watch.

Yes, it’s summer time this weekend. You’ll have to remember this for Sunday, although most clocks now move themselves thanks to the internet connection.

Losing an hour doesn’t mean you can’t watch the great Netflix movies available. Of course, there are definitely TV shows you will pay attention to, including good girls and The Last Kingdombut between them, you’ll want those great movies.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Movies This Weekend

The list is in alphabetical order. After all, there is no way to compare different genres.

The Adam Project

If you’re in the mood for a sci-fi comedy, you’ll want to turn your attention to The Adam Project. Ryan Reynolds stars as Adam, who crashes in the year 2022 and needs help from his past to save his future. Of course, he can’t say too much without spoiling the good things of the future. The butterfly effect and all that!

It’s definitely a fun ride. The film has been described as Marvel meets Back to the futurewhich is not surprising with the dead Pool star in it.

The bombardment

There are a few wartime Netflix movies, and The bombardment is just one of them. It is a Danish film that follows real events. That’s about the time a school was bombed in an attack.

The whole city of Copenhagen comes together when the school is attacked. People have to get the kids out before it’s too late, but there are a lot of strong emotions to contend with as the bricks are pulled down.


Another war movie worth checking out was theatrically released in 1917. You might have waited for it to come to Netflix to finally be able to watch it. Now it’s here. Well, it’s coming this weekend on Saturday, March 12.

Dunkirk follows the terrifying moment of the advance of German soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk. The Allied troops gather there, wedged between the German troops and the waters. However, with good air and ground cover, British, French, Belgian and Dutch forces were able to slowly evacuate the beach, saving 330,000 soldiers.

London has fallen

It’s a movie you’ll have to wait until Sunday March 13 for, but it’s something to check out if you’re a fan of the other Fallen movies.

Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent who springs into action immediately when its president, Benjamin Asher, is in danger. Terrorists attack London when the world’s most powerful leaders gather to pay their respects after the death of the British Prime Minister. Prohibition has its work cut out when terrorists capture the president.

Once upon a time… fortunately never after

There are great rom-coms when it comes to Netflix movies. Once upon a time… fortunately never after is a Spanish film everyone should watch this weekend.

A couple is forced to separate and reunite in another life. In this life, they are in a town where no one can fall in love. They must break the curse if they want to break the general spell and return home. Can love transcend everything?

Which Netflix Movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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