The best movies added in August

Movies coming to Netflix: Every month, Netflix adds and removes several movies from its list, but August looks pretty promising. The streamer’s latest batch of offerings are loaded with comedies, blockbusters, and biopics, including an all-time Stanley Kubrick.

1. Ferris Bueller’s day off

This beloved John Hughes comedy is still worth rewatching, starring Matthew Broderick as a teenager who is literally ‘too cool for school’. Broderick gives a career-defining performance as a Chicago teenager who drops out of class and picks up his girlfriend and best friend in a shiny red Ferrari, the result is a truly unforgettable day off. The cult classic is now streaming on Netflix.

2. Flight

After a decade of making CGI animated films, Robert Zemeckis returned to the live-action scene in 2012. Starring Denzel Washington as an alcoholic pilot, “Flight” tells the story of his heroic actions in a plane crash leading to an investigation into his demons.

The tense drama is now streaming on Netflix, so make sure you don’t miss this phenomenal performance from Washington.

3. 8 miles

Perhaps the most memorable part of this movie is rapper Eminem’s Oscar-winning song. However, “8-Mile holds up surprisingly well as a narrative film.

Eminem starring in his own fictional biopic in 2002 seems a bit ridiculous, and it’s a concept that could have been derailed in less capable hands. But Curtis Hanson crafted a solid story about poverty and how rap helps lift people out of it, putting a new spin on the musical biopic genre. If nothing else, the fantastic rap battles alone make “8 Mile” worth watching, so be sure to catch it.

4. Skyfall

007’s shoes aren’t easy to fill, but Daniel Craig got into it quite easily, breathing new life into the James Bond franchise with ‘Casino Royale’, while ‘No Time to Die’ pushed the character towards new emotional depths. However “Quantum of Solace” and “Spectre” only disappointed fans. But without a doubt, the highlight of Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond is “Skyfall.”

Making history as the first Bond movie to tell a completely original story, “Skyfall” proved the franchise is more than capable of standing its ground without the help of an Ian Fleming novel, with the help of… ‘Entire Adele has delivered a Bond song for the ages. In short, “Skyfall” is nothing less than a blockbuster spy movie at its best.

5. Nice Guys

An unlikely couple that ended up working like butter and bread was Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe in the movie “The Nice Guys.” The comedic duo star in director Shane Black’s hilarious dark comedy. When a porn star is brutally murdered, a terrible private detective (Gosling) and a professional repairman (Crowe) must team up on a journey through 1970s Los Angeles to find her.

The film is both brutal and heartwarming, and shouldn’t be missed when it begins streaming on Netflix on August 9th.

6. Eyes wide closed

Stanley Kubrick was one of the greatest minds in film history. The author was notoriously suspicious of social institutions, and his final work is an analysis of the institution of marriage.

The psychosexual drama starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman shows a married couple whose sexual boredom drags them into the depths of a deranged sex cult. “Eyes Wide Shut” is collectively considered one of the greatest filmographies in movie history and is now streaming on Netflix.

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