The biggest Netflix movies in the world right now

The chatter in Hollywood these days when it comes to Netflix’s original movie strategy is that, as a new era looms on the horizon (resulting in fewer, but bigger and splashier movies from the streamer) , a change of direction was necessary for a then that now.

The world’s biggest streamer has, to put it simply, churned out too many movies, at too fast a clip. Netflix and a high-velocity, high-volume strategy have always gone hand in hand. But Apple TV+ raced ahead of it for the first Best Picture Oscar won by a streaming service, highlighting the fact that Netflix’s movie business is nowhere near as big as its TV shows. television. Be honest – when was the last time you thought of red notice? Or for Don’t look up? More and more, the streamer’s biggest movies are coming and going, with dizzying speed.

Which brings us to this week’s Top 10 list Netflix movies around the world.

A perfect match, Secondary yearand more best Netflix movies

Every Tuesday Netflix releases an updated overview of the 10 most streamed English and non-English movies and TV shows. To do this, the streamer analyzes viewing data from subscribers around the world, not just in the United States.

This week’s list of the top 10 Netflix movies worldwide covers the 7-day period ending May 29. And it’s, to put it bluntly, an odd list of titles that’s all over the map.

It is overcome by the rom-com A perfect match, with Victoria Justice. That one is the #1 Netflix movie in English worldwide this week. Otherwise, A perfect match has been in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies for two weeks now, and it has garnered over 32.6 million hours of viewing worldwide this week.

Top 10 Netflix Movies

From there, the list is a motley hodgepodge of Netflix originals and third-party titles.

Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel to his 1986 classic Superior gun is dominating the box office right now. so it’s no surprise that the franchise’s inaugural film is No. 6 on Netflix’s list of movies worldwide this week.

Tom Cruise, at a public event for his new movie ‘Top Gun’. Image source: James Whatling/MEGA

Rebel Wilson’s Netflix Comedy Secondary year is also still solid on the list. Not only has it garnered over 24.5 million views worldwide this week. But it also spent three weeks on the Netflix Top 10 Movies list.

But it’s a perfect example of the forgettable feature fare that too often emanates from the streamer these days.

The full recap of this week’s top 10 list can be found below. Again, this week’s list arguably serves as a reminder that Netflix original movies haven’t exactly been setting the streaming world alight lately. Luckily, for Netflix at least, some huge monster releases are just around the corner – like the Knives out sequel, as well as The gray man.

Top 10 Netflix Movies In English Around The World This Week

  1. A perfect match — 32.6 million hours viewed
  2. Secondary year — 24.5 million hours viewed
  3. donkey 4.5 — 18.5 million hours viewed
  4. Dangerous — 11.7 million hours viewed
  5. sonic the hedgehog — 8.9 million hours viewed
  6. Superior gun — 6.4 million hours viewed
  7. Cleveland Abduction — 6.3 million hours viewed
  8. turbo — 5.3 million hours viewed
  9. Our father — 5.1 million hours viewed
  10. Ben is back — 4.6 million hours viewed

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