The Netflix Movies That Made Us Season 3 To Highlight Halloween, Friday The 13th And More Genre Movies

Coming in October, the third season of Netflix’s fan favorite series The films that made us will focus on a number of staples of the horror genre, with a few notable ’80s movies for those not in the gore and gore. The coming season will be immersed in four distinct horror franchises – three different slashers and the world of James Cameron Extraterrestrial – in addition to Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America and that of Paul Verhoeven RoboCop. Christmas movies will also get a bit of love, with both Elf and The nightmare before Christmas get a deep dive.

According to What’s On Netflix, the third season of The films that made us will include coverage of Aliens, Freddy, Coming to America, Elf, Friday 13, Halloween, The nightmare before Christmas, and RoboCop. Most of these films came out in the 1980s, although Halloween came in 1978, The nightmare before Christmas in 1993, and Elf in 2003.

Elf and The nightmare before Christmas were already covered in the 2020 special The vacation movies that made us. It is not immediately clear whether this series will be merged into the current show or whether it will continue to be listed separately. It doesn’t seem totally implausible to go the other way around and make horror movie episodes a special Halloween party for Vacation Movies, leaving the main show to focus on Coming to America, RoboCop, and Extraterrestrial, although that would leave the base show feeling somewhat anemic. Another possibility is that slasher movies – Halloween, Friday 13, and Freddy – could be combined into one episode.

For a deep dive into the Halloween franchise, could we recommend Take shape: develop Halloween from script to scream and Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels, both by authors Dustin McNeil and Travis Mullins? McNeil also wrote Edge of the Titans, a book that looks at the long development of Freddy vs. Jason.

Assuming the listing information on What’s On Netflix is ​​correct, it would be a much longer season than the four-episode releases Netflix did in 2019 and 2020. It would also have a wider reach than usual for the Netflix. show, since every episode so far has been about an 80s or 90s movie. With the addition of Halloween and Elf, The films that made us will now go back to 1978 and as recently as 2003.

The third season of The films that made us is scheduled to debut on Netflix on October 12.

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