“There is someone in your house”


Another day another new horror thriller on Netflix that gets everyone talking. Some of the new Netflix movies like this added to the streamer in recent days that we wrote about this week include Raw, as good as The inner demon. You can check out our previous articles to learn more about them. And to learn why they are each shocking and sometimes a little controversial in themselves. As for the original versions of Netflix in this sense, not all of them have always worked. But those who have, like the Fear street trilogy of films, often garner an inordinate amount of buzz and attention. Can the streamer continue? One of his latest horror genre releases is the new movie There is someone in your house – based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins.

New Netflix Movies – There is someone in your house

Indeed, much of the hottest content on streaming services right now is actually based on books as the source material. Apple, for example, recently finished filming part of its upcoming limited series. Five days at the Memorial – based on Sheri Fink’s book on a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina – in Toronto, in preparation for a move to Louisiana. The still relatively new Night books The Netflix movie is also based on a children’s book of the same name.

And then we have There is someone in your house, which has been added to Netflix in recent days. “Makani Young moved from Hawaii to a quiet little town in Nebraska to live with his grandmother and finish high school,” the official Netflix synopsis read. “But as the countdown to graduation begins, his classmates are hunted down by a killer determined to expose their darkest secrets to the whole town, terrorizing the victims while wearing a realistic mask of their own face. . “

From the outset, it will be noted that some of you will identify with the character of Katie Koons. She’s the student council president who at one point in the film declares that “I’ve seen a lot of real crimes” when the corpses start to pile up. That is, there are a lot of familiar tropes and expected turns of events in this movie. Something that, presumably, has factored into the not-so-good critics and audience scores thus far.


At Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently has a fairly poor audience rating of 19%. It’s based on over 50 user reviews. The critics score is better, but only a narrow one.

There, 35 reviews of critics resulted in a score of 49%. They include reviews, like this one from RogerEbert.com: “There’s never really a moment in There is someone in your house this suggests that its protagonists are real enough to be worth researching. Likewise, this perfectly tangy British zinger of a Guardian film review:

“There is nothing inside of it.”

Image Source: Davis Bukach / Netflix


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