Three Mile Island Documentary Among Latest Netflix Movies

Christine Layman Hopes Netflix’s New Historical Documentary “Fusion: Three Mile Island” will reveal new information about the 1979 accident at the central Pennsylvania nuclear power plant.

Layman, who was living in Conewago Township at the time of the crash, said she was interviewed for the four-part series, which airs today, but is unsure if she made it.

The trailer examines the partial collapse of TMI on March 28, 1979, fear in the community, and concern over a cover-up. Kief Davidson is the director.

“Honestly, I believe Netflix is ​​going to do more than reveal the truth,” Layman said. “They’ll probably blow some people’s minds.”

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Layman was hiking with her preschool daughter at Rocky Ridge County Park at the time of the accident. Three Mile Island is visible from part of the park. She was then evacuated from her home and remained in Hanover.

She is a director of a private Facebook group called “Three Mile Island Survivors”. Participants share stories about their battles for health, including cancer, and how they believe the problems are related to the worst nuclear accident in United States history.

Layman said she doesn’t want future generations to read in the history books that no one was harmed by the partial collapse. The people who live here, they know people have been hurt.

“…that’s pretty much my main focus in all of this, it’s just to get the truth out there,” she said.

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The nuclear industry has said that while radiation escaped in the accident, it was not enough to cause adverse health effects. But several years ago, a Penn State College of Medicine study found a correlation between partial collapse and cases of thyroid cancer in south-central Pennsylvania.

Layman plans to invite family members to her home to watch “Meltdown: Three Mile Island” on Wednesday.

“It needs to be seen by the world,” she said.

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