Upcoming Movies and Shows Featuring the Cast of Lyle, Lyle Crocodile

Everyone loves kids movies that the whole family can enjoy. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile fits that description and is available to watch now. This fun movie hits theaters on October 12. This children’s book-to-movie adaptation brought in several incredible big stars to join the production.

Constance Wu and Javier Bardem alone provide brilliant star power to the film. Heed the voice of Shawn Mendes and people of all ages will have someone to watch. Because they are huge performers, they have a heavy workload at all times, and many of their upcoming projects are set to release soon.


9/9 The Line – Scoot McNairy

Release date unknown

Scoot McNairy plays Joseph Primm in Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. He is Josh’s father and a teacher at a prep school in New York. McNairy plays an unknown role in Line, a drama film that would concern a student who acts without worrying about the consequences (by Deadline). Alex Wolff, Halle Bailey and Austin Abrams also star in this film.

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Line was announced in 2019, but filming only started this year. McNairy has acted in several dramatic films in the past, including missing girland the latest version of Netflix, The luckiest girl in the world. Not much is known about this upcoming piece, but if his experience means anything, McNairy will give a brilliant performance.

8/9 The Naughty Nine – Winslow Fegley

Release date unknown

Winslow Fegley plays Josh Primm, the new kid in town and school. He discovers Lyle in his attic and quickly befriends the friendly crocodile. Winslow will star in The Naughty Nine, an upcoming Disney vacation movie (per Deadline). This movie follows a group of kids on the naughty list who come together to steal the gifts they believe are their due.

The producers said The Naughty Nine is like Ocean 11 but at the North Pole. As a young star, Winslow only has 9 acting credits listed on IMDb, and one of them is another Christmas movie released in 2021, while another is a Disney+ version in which he played. With his previous experience with the House Of Mouse, and his wonderful performance in Lyle, Lyle, CrocodileWinslow’s role in The Naughty Nine will surely be delightful.

7/9 Fairyland – Scoot McNairy

Release date unknown

Scoot’s role in Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is more than what he does in life. Although only a supporting character, Mr. Primm has excellent character development encouraged by Lyle’s playful and caring demeanor. In addition to LineMcNairy will also soon be appearing on Fairylanda drama film based on the memoir of Alysia Abbott that chronicles her experience growing up with her gay father during the AIDS epidemic (per Hollywood Reporter).

This movie is sure to be heavy, and McNairy’s performance as Steve Abbott is bound to blow audiences away. McNairy has previous experience with biopics and award-winning films based on true stories such as Argo, 12 years of slaveryand Netflix Blond, (although the latter is considered more of historical fiction) means it’s good at bringing real stories to life. Whether Fairyland even holds a fraction of the depth and emotion of its previous biopics, there’s no way it’s less than powerful.

6/9 Bewitched – Javier Bardem

Expected 2023

Javier Bardem plays Hector P. Valenti, a struggling magician, in Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. He adopts Lyle from the pet store upon hearing him sing. Bardem will play the role of King Solon in Bewitchedan upcoming family musical from Skydance Animation (per Variety).

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BaThe fantasy adventure film is about a young princess who uses her powers to protect her kingdom from evil forces. Several big names are involved, with Nicole Kidman voicing the queen and the legendary Alan Menkin in charge of the score. Bewitched appears to be Bardem’s first-ever animated project and one of his first appearances in a musical. However, with her apparent talent and a glimpse of her singing voice heard in Lyle, Lyle Crocodilehe will probably be excellent in this role.

5/9 Velma – Constance Wu

Expected 2023

Constance Wu plays Katie Primm, Josh’s stepmother and Joseph’s wife. She has a creative spirit that has faded since they moved but reawakens when she discovers Lyle and the good he is doing for Josh. Constance was recently announced to join Velmaa scooby-doo spin-off series focusing on the titular character’s origin story (per Deadline).

Mindy Kaling voices Velma, and other stars such as Sam Richardson and Melissa Fumero are also credited on IMDb, promising a fun and spirited performance. Constance has already done a few animation projects and she was excellent in those roles. She had roles in next generation, Wish Dragonand The Lego Ninjago Movie. It will be fun to see her take on this type of project, and it’s especially cool that she lends her voice to the iconic Daphne of the Mystery Gang.

4/9 A Boy Kills The World – Brett Gelman

Expected 2023

Brett Gelman plays Mr. Grumps, the Primm’s grumpy neighbor. He’s easily the least likable character in Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. Gelman will play an unknown role in A boy kills the worldan action movie starring Bill Skarsgård as a deaf young man who trains with a mysterious man to become strong enough to get revenge on those who murdered his family (per Deadline).

Gelman may be best known for his comedic talent, but he’s also been part of several action films such as Without remorseand the other guys he is therefore not afraid to spread his artistic wings. Whatever role he plays in A boy kills the world will be monitored. Sam Raimi is one of the producers, so it must be good!

3/9 East Bay – Constance Wu

Expected 2023

Constance Wu is a wonderful actress who has been involved in several big budget projects over the past decade. His next film to be released, East Bay, however, is a pure independent film. In the story of self-discovery written, directed and starring David Yoon, Wu plays Sara, though not much is known about the role yet.

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Constance also starred in I was a simple man in 2021, another independent film but his most famous recent credits include The list of terminalsand boobies rich asian. It was great to see her try something new for a change, and it will be exciting to see what she brings to East Bay. The film is currently on tour at festivals and is expected to be released to the general public in early 2023 (according to the film’s website).

2/9 Dune: Part 2 – Javier Bardem

Expected November 3, 2023

Hector is a very complex character. He loves Lyle and loves his company, but he seeks fame and money, and when Lyle can’t help him, he’s torn. Javier Bardem plays this role well, because he has a great scope as an actor.

Bardem played Stilgar in Dunesa fantastic remake of a terrible film, and very different from Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile in several ways. Fortunately, Stilgar will return to the big screen in November 2023 when Dune: part 2is published (by variety). The character leads the Fremen tribe with great dignity, determined to protect his people. The first one Dunes critically acclaimed and won over 200 awards. This next part should do just as well, so it’s just a waiting game until Stilgar breaks through the screens again.

1/9 The Little Mermaid – Javier Bardem

Expected May 26, 2023

Javier Bardem has been a very busy man and his next project has been in production for what seems like forever. The little Mermaid is finally slated for release in May 2023. Bardem will play King Triton, the newt with controversial parenting tactics. Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy and Jacob Tremblay will also star in the live-action remake along with plenty of other big names (per Entertainment Weekly).

As Bewitchedthis filmwill likely require Bardem to show off his singing voice. After Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, it’s safe to say the world needs to hear his voice more often and it could be a whole new genre for the prolific actor. With a bit of luck, The little Mermaid will live up to the classic animated film and avoid falling flat like so many Disney live-action remakes have.

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