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It was recently announced that Legacy was cancelled, ending The Vampire Diaries franchise. It also spawned the spin-off The originals which gave its stars a huge break. Although The Originals ended a while ago, the alumni have taken on a variety of new projects, including mainstream TV shows like Titans and the above Legacy.

Some others have even been linked to highly anticipated releases such as the upcoming jurassic world film and the latest feature from Oscar-winning filmmaker Damien Chazelle. And then there are under-the-radar series whose plots are very promising.


Joseph Morgan – Titans Season 4


Klaus Mikaelson actor Joseph Morgan’s outstanding performance was in The Vampire Diaries after which he appeared as the lead in The originals. Currently, Morgan has joined the DC television universe with a slated role in the final season of DC Comics’ live-action show. Titans premiering this fall.

Never shy away from antagonistic roles, Morgan takes on a villainous role here as Sebastian Blood. Taking on the identity of Brother Blood, Sebastian is a power-hungry priest who leads a cult organization called “the Church of Blood”. It remains to be seen how Morgan reinterprets this character previously played by Kevin Alejandro in Arrowthe second season of.

Claire Holt – Legacy Season 4

Rebekah stares at someone in a photo from Legacies

Regular season 1 and guest of the following, Claire Holt is known to fans of the franchise under the name of vampire Rebekah. As has been the case for many vampire diary former students, Holt also appeared in the spin-off Legacy.

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This year’s season (which will also be the last) is currently airing with Holt starring in two episodes. However, with the final two episodes still in the works, chances are her character will appear for a few more scenes. Legacy‘ The final episode will air on June 16.

Phoebe Tonkin – Babylon

Poster for Babylon

Werewolf-turned-hybrid Hayley Marshall is played by Phoebe Tonkin whose filmography will soon include a hyped film by an Oscar winner. Whiplash and The Earth director Damien Chazelle’s next film is called Babylon and so far, the media are aware of the film’s cast and premise.

Set in the Hollywood era of the 1940s, Tonkin joins Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and executive producer Tobey Maguire. While Tonkin’s role is still undisclosed, the other three play real-life actors with Maguire appearing as “Charlie Chaplin portraying Adolf Hitler”. Distributed by Paramount, Babylon is set to hit screens this Christmas.

Daniella Pinada – Jurassic World: Dominion

Zia Rodriguez Daniella Pineda Jurassic World

Previously appearing as a powerful witch on The originalsDaniella Pinada joins the jurassic world franchise as Dr. Zia Rodriguez, a paleo-vet who is also a dinosaur rights activist.

Domination should be one of the most anticipated summer movies of 2022 as it concludes the trilogy that began with the first jurassic world film. Not only are recurring stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returning, but even the cast from the original jurassic park movies are ready to roll. This includes the likes of Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum.

Charles Michael Davis – Untitled First Edition Reboot

Kyle Chandler stars in the first edition

Charles Michael Davis has experience in TV spin-offs, with vampire Marcel Gerard in The originals. Now, he’ll also get a taste of TV reboot shows, as he’s set to appear in an untitled update to the comedy-drama. First edition. With several rebooted shows popping up over the past decade, this project seems to have potential.

Not much is known about the project, but some of the familiar tropes from the original are set to return. Starring Kyle Chandler in the lead role, the show aired for four seasons. The main premise dealt with a man who gains prophetic insight into the news of the next day, enabling him to prevent future disasters. As the reboot is still in development, even Davis’ role is undisclosed.

Danielle Campbell – Share

Split images of Bradley Whitford, Danielle Campbell and Alice Braga

Young witch Davina Claire is played by Danielle Campbell who played a major role in the first three seasons of The originals. Currently, she is part of the sci-fi movie To share which is in post-production.

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The disturbing plot so far involves a young man who is trapped in a room with nothing but a primitive character. Campbell plays a supporting role along with Alice Braga, Bradley Whitford and Melvin Gregg. The release date is not specified at this time.

Colin Woodell – The Continental

Logo of the next series The Continental

The evolved werewolf Aiden is a recurring character played by Colin Woodell who also appeared in several episodes of The stewardess and The purge.

This year, Woodell shot for the miniseries The Continentala prequel in the same universe as the John Wick movies. The drama deals with the titular chain of hotels that act as neutral territories for members of the underworld. Besides Woodell, the high-profile star cast includes Oscar winner Mel Gibson, fantasy genre regular Katie McGrath (Merlin, Supergirl, King Arthur), and actor Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction, The Mask).

Nathaniel Buzolic – Abbott Falls

Abbott Falls poster featuring the faces of the main cast

known among vampire diary and Originals fans as vampire Kol Mikaelson, Nathaniel Buzolic is set to appear in an upcoming television series titled Abbott Falls.

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With the show still in pre-production, not much is known about the premise. What is common knowledge is the cast which includes Buzolic as a character called Memphis Taylor alongside actors like Olivia DiNino (Panic, criminal minds) and comrade The originals former student Greg Perrow.

Sébastien Roché – Getaway

A behind-the-scenes photo from Getaway with a man driving a jeep

Sebastien Roche, The originals“Mikael and batman‘s Dr. Ethan Campbell, will soon have a role in Go awaya survival drama set in a posh island resort.

This project deals with the dark secrets that the customers of the stations hide. But the character arcs are also tied to a premise of survival as the establishment is taken hostage by a group of criminals. An army veteran seems to be the only hope as she leads the guests to stay alive. The show has finished production but has yet to receive a release date.

Christina Moses – There’s Blood On The Disco Ball

Split Images of Chadwick Hopson, Christina Moses and Brian Flaccus

After playing Keelin in The originalsChristina Moses’ most recent TV credit was a role in the drama series A million little things.

Currently, Moses is also working on a comedy called There’s blood on the disco ball. The script is undisclosed at this time, but it will most likely be a short film given that Chadwick Hopson and Brian Flaccus are the screenwriters. For those unknown, Hopson and Flaccus have been actors and screenwriters for various short films such as The hunger Games parody Tinder gamesthe 1917 parody 2020among other projects.

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