Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Featuring the Ms. Marvel Cast

The premiere of Ms. Marvel has fans everywhere talking and theorizing about Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is now well underway. The production team behind Ms. Marvel did a great job finding a diverse cast of actors to bring Kamala Khan’s story to life.

While Iman Vellani is new to the game, many of her co-stars aren’t. Some actors made their debut in Hindi films while others started their careers in internationally acclaimed films. Meanwhile, several of these actors already have their next role lined up or their next project just waiting to be released.

Polite Society – Nimra Bucha

Release date unknown

Ms. Marvel Najma Trailer

Nimra Bucha plays Najma in Ms. Marvel and she is credited for all six episodes of the series. Her character has yet to be explored much, but Najma is said to be part of a sinister group operating in Jersey City.


Nimra is set to appear in the upcoming action comedy, Polite company. Her role is unknown, but she is listed as one of the hottest actors on IMDb. The film tells the story of a schoolgirl who plans a burglary at her sister’s wedding in an attempt to ruin the impending marriage and give her sister a chance to live out her dreams. Polite society is directed by Nida Manzoor, creator of the much-loved Peacock show We are lady parts. It will be exciting to see what Nimra brings to both Ms. Marvel and Polite company.

All the Fun and Games – Laurel Marsden

Release date unknown

Laurel Marsden plays Zoe Zimmer, one of the popular girls at school who often picks on Kamala. She secretly loves the Avengers and witnesses Ms. Marvel’s powers at AvengersCon, which was filled with desirable MCU items.

Marsden should appear in All entertainment and games, a film produced by the Russo brothers. Also starring Natalia Dyer from stranger things and Asa Butterfield of Sex education, this upcoming thriller tells the story of a group of siblings who find themselves in the presence of a demon while playing childhood games. Based on what was revealed on the synopsis of All entertainment and gamesthe film seems to release squid game vibes but with an unearthly touch.

What You Taught Me – Yasmeen Fletcher

Release date unknown

Yasmeen Fletcher as basketball player in Andi Mack sits next to an image of her from Upside Down Magic

Yasmeen Fletcher plays Nakia in Mrs Marvel, one of Kamala’s best friends. They belong to the same church and support each other at school.

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Yasmeen will play Zoe in what you taught meun court métrage indépendant basé sur un poème écrit par Piper Curda. The film will follow a woman as she documents what she has learned from important people she has met in life. The director said the mini-movie draws inspiration from many contemporary and classic indie dramas.

Baby Blue – Aramis Knight

Expected 2023

Aramis Knight, known for his roles in Ender’s game and In the Badlandsplays Kareem in Ms. Marvel. While the character has yet to be explored in the MCU, it’s possible he’ll follow his arc from the comics. Under the guise of Red Dagger, Kareem fights crime in Pakistan and becomes a love interest for Kamala.

Knight plays Jay Jay in baby blue, a comic horror film that follows a group of vlogging adolescents as they discover the tomb of a serial killer and find themselves targeted by his mind. Not much is known about the film at this time, but some terrifying footage has been released. Director Adam Mason considers baby blue a “love letter” to Stephen King, known for his many book-to-film adaptations. Knight has proven his range of acting skills and is sure to bring some sincerity to his character.

Foreigners – Rish Shah

Expected end of 2022

Rish Shah as Kamran Ms. Marvel

Rish Shah plays Kamran in Ms. Marvel, a potential love interest for the titular character. In the comics, Kamran has special abilities like Kamala, but he’s not that keen on using them to help people.

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Shah plays Russ Lee in foreigners, a comedy about two girls who agree to get revenge on each other’s bullies. This upcoming Netflix movie also stars Maya Hawke, Sophie Turner, and Camila Mendes. This film is directed by the co-writer of Thor: Love and Thunder, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. The premise looks like I want you to come backA new romantic comedy in which two people agree to befriend the exes of the other and do everything in their power to break their new relationships.

Retribution – Arian Moayed

Expected 2022

Arian Moayed plays Agent Cleary in Ms. Marvel, an agent of the United States Department of Damage Control, employed to investigate individuals with special and dangerous abilities. Agent Cleary first appeared in Spider-Man: No Coming Home to interrogate Peter Parker and his companions.

Moayed is one of the most prominent actors who should appear in Punishment, an American remake of a 2015 foreign film. The film is an action thriller about a man driving his children to school when he receives a threat that if he stops and gets out of the car, the car will explode. Moayed stars alongside Matthew Modine, who plays one of the biggest villains in the game. stranger things universe. Punishment seems to look like Ambulancea 2022 release involving car chases and also based on a foreign film.

The Independent – Alysia Reiner

Expected 2022

Alysia Reiner as a prison guard in Orange Is The New Black, sits at her desk

Like Moayed, Alysia Reiner plays an agent for the U.S. Department of Damage Control. Agent Deever is tasked with finding and bringing in Kamala Khan after the incident at AvengersCon.

Reiner plays Kathy Gibbs in The Independent, a film on a journalist novel which reveals a plot around a presidential candidate who would have a drastic effect on the country if it were to be made public. This film also features John Cena, Ann Dowd and Brian Cox. We don’t know much else about this film, but with its casting, The Independent has the potential to be a great political thriller.

The Wonders – Iman Vellani

Coming July 28, 2023

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Cosplay Captain Marvel Iman Vellani

Iman Vellani, a newcomer to the world of acting, plays Kamala Khan while her character learns that she can exercise powers using an old family relic. This is different from his comic book origins, in which his powers were unleashed when the Terrigen Mist was released into the air and enhanced those with Inhuman DNA.

Vellani will reprise her role as Kamala Khan in Wondersl’un des prochains longs métrages de l’univers cinématographique Marvel. Considered as the sequel to Captain Marvel, this film will bring together Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau. It will be interesting to see which elements of Captain Marvel, Wanda Visionand Ms. Marvel are explored in Wonders.

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