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Content Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Volume 1 of Stranger Things.

stranger things Season 4, Volume 2 is coming to Netflix on July 1. Since the release of Volume 1, fans have taken to Kate Bush, sharing memes and speculating what’s to come.

The Season 4 cast is a busy bunch. In addition to the time spent filming this season’s feature films, many of the cast also worked hard to bring even more stories to life. Many of these projects are slated for release later this year so fans don’t have to wait another 3 years or so to see their favorite actors on screen again.


Jamie Campbell Bower – True Haunting

Coming 2023

Henry Creel looks angry in Season 4 of Stranger Things

Jamie Campbell Bower is first featured in stranger things as a friendly Hawkins Lab worker. In the seventh episode, however, viewers witness the actor’s phenomenal talent when he is revealed to be the main villain of the season.

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Bower will play Ed Becker in True haunting, a horror film about the story of the first televised exorcism. Based on the biographical books of Edwin Becker, True haunting explain how an exorcism ruined their lives. Those familiar with Bower’s earlier work know that he thrives in the thriller genre, and if they weren’t convinced before, his stranger things performance is proof of that. His role in True haunting is sure to be terrifying.

Natalia Dyer – Chestnut

Expected 2022

Nancy Wheeler holding a gun

Nancy Wheeler has gone through a lot of character development throughout the series. While she was first introduced as a quiet and shy teenager, she has since grown into a strong and courageous woman, unafraid to stand up for what is right.

Although it may be a while before fans see her playing Nancy again, fans of stranger things will be delighted to know that they will see Dyer much sooner in chestnut. Written and directed by Jac Cron, the drama follows a college graduate named Annie (Dyer), who finds herself in an unexpected love triangle as she falls in love with Tyler (Rachel Keller) and Danny (Danny Ramirez). Although no trailer has been released, there is no doubt that Dyer will end up doing an amazing job as she has proven on the show that she can be a strong lead and can display a great emotional range and depth.

Maya Hawke – Strangers

Expected 2022

Robin Buckley in Stranger Things Season 4

Robin has become a fan-favorite character since her introduction in Season 3. Since then, she’s grown up and unafraid to be herself around her friends.

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After the end of season 4, Maya Hawke will once again join Netflix with her next film, Foreigners. Hawke will play Eleanor in this comedy about two girls who agree to get revenge on each other’s bullies. foreigners looks like the plot of I want you to come back, in which two strangers agree to break up each other’s exes with their new partners. Whether foreigners is something like its predecessor, viewers and fans are in for a wild ride.

Cara Buono – She came from the woods

Expected 2022

Karen Wheeler and the other parents of Hawkins are still so distraught in season 4 of stranger things. However, Karen was also fun to watch and is even considered one of the most underrated characters in the Duffer Brothers series.

Cara Buono will play Heather McCalister in She came from the woods, a horror film based on an award-winning short film of the same name (via Deadline) in which a camp staff accidentally unleashes a real threat on the last day of camp. In addition to stranger thingsBuono has worked on several horror projects including The bad seed and Let me enter. She seems to be the most credited actor in She came from the woodsso if the assumptions are correct, it will be fun to see her return to the horror genre, but in a starring role.

Millie Bobby Brown – Enola Holmes 2

Coming 2022

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Homes in Enola Holmes

Eleven have been pushed through the mud this season. The constant bullying, self-doubt, and past trauma she is forced to deal with is horrific. Hopefully, at the end of volume 2, she will reunite with her friends and find peace.

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Millie Bobby Brown will reprise her starring role in Enola Holmes 2, which will be released later this year. Henry Cavill will also return as Sherlock in the adventure drama. The sequel will follow Enola as she gave her first case as a true detective. The first one Enola Holmes was a hit, winning a Saturn Award for Best Streaming Media Movie Presentation and two awards for Millie’s performance. We hope that the sequel will be just as successful and endearing.

Finn Wolfhard – Pinnochio by Guillermo Del Toro

Available in December 2022

Stranger Things Mike Wheeler Season 4 Trailer

Finn Wolfhard reprises his role as Mike in Season 4 Volume 1. He starts in Hawkins and travels to California on spring break to be with Eleven. Numerous Reddit theories have been formed following the release of the Volume 2 trailer, with many speculating that Mike will not survive the season.

While fans would be devastated if the theories turn out to be true, it’s not like it’ll be the last time they see him as the actor is set to voice a character in Pinnochio by Guillermo Del Toro animated musical drama. It tells a dark take on the classic story of the wooden boy. Wolfhard will voice Candlewick alongside mega stars Ewan McGregor, Cate Blanchett and Christoph Waltz. Del Toro has been teasing this film for years and despite a long, indefinite hold on the project, his vision is finally going to be known. With Wolfhard in the cast, the film is sure to be dark and intense.

David Harbor – Violent Night

Coming December 2, 2022

David Harbor as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things 4

David Harbor’s Jim Hopper has been on a roll this season. From his time in a Russian prison to his encounter with a Demogorgon, his journey is one of the best tales of stranger things season 4.

Once season 4 is over, David Harbor will play Santa Claus in violent nightan action-comedy thriller set on Christmas Eve. violent night follows a group of criminals who are shocked when they break into a wealthy house while Santa Claus is on the scene. This film seems to be inspired by Alone at home, but instead of Kevin protecting his home, it’s Mr. Claus and his elves saving the day in a dark and twisted way. Harbor’s comedic and dramatic chops are gold, so there’s excitement to see him bring it again for violent night.

Priah Ferguson – Boo!

Coming October 2022

Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair in Stranger Things 3

Lucas’ sister Erica became part of the regular cast in season 3 of stranger things and she’s back this season as an avid Dungeons & Dragons player and a force to be reckoned with.

Priah Ferguson will star in Sydney in Boo!, a Netflix film slated for release in October 2022. This horror-adventure comedy sees a daughter and her father team up when she accidentally releases a spirit that brings Halloween decorations to life. Ferguson only has 15 acting credits to his name, all of which are guest star roles or roles in obscure shorts. Boo! will finally give him a chance to shine in the lead.

Gaten Matarazzo – Honor Society

Coming July 29, 2022

An image of Gaten Matarazzo and Angourie Rice using science

Dustin is cuter than ever this season. His jokes are hilarious and his chemistry with Steve is unmatched. His intelligence often saves the day and fans agree that he cannot die in volume 2.

The gap between the second and the third stranger things was one of the longest breaks in television history. However, at that time, Gaten Matarazzo was shooting honor society with Angourie Rice Spider-Man: Homecoming. Rice plays Honor, a girl determined to get into Harvard and ready to take on her competition for the spot. What she doesn’t expect is that she quickly falls in love with her biggest threat, Michael (Gaten). Just the chance to see Gaten’s phenomenal comedic timing and charm in this live-action comedy will have fans buying Paramount+ subscriptions when honor society debuts on July 29, 2022 on the platform.

Joe Chrest – Where the Crawdads Sing

Available July 15

An image of serious Ted Wheeler in Stranger Things

Ted Wheeler has always been the most clueless Hawkins parent. He is often distant and does not understand why his wife is angry with him. In Season 4, he’s still unconscious, but he has several sarcastic one-liners that are brilliantly placed.

On July 15, fans will be able to see Joe Chrest in Where the Crawdad sings, a dramatic thriller based on the book by Delia Owens. The film will follow Kya, a woman who grew up in the wild, as she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Chrest has an extensive acting resume with real detective, Giftedand The blind side being some of his highest rated projects. It will be interesting to see how this movie fares against these titles and its other titles.

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