‘Wendesday’ and 9 More Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Horror Fans Will Want to Check Out on Netflix This Fall

Horror movies and shows have had an absolute tear throughout 2022, with some major franchises and originals being box office hits and receiving wide acclaim. The Scream and Predator franchises have made a huge resurgence with new entries that have breathed new life into the legacy of their respective franchises. Fresh originals like Nope, Barbaricand X were widely acclaimed delivering new horror stories for genre fans to obsess over, and even had strong box office success. 2022’s reign of horror is far from over as major horror franchises like Halloween and hellraiser are about to have big theatrical and streaming entries, and big originals like Smile and prey for the devil could make big waves.

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Netflix is ​​particularly beefing up its horror content this fall, bringing fans of the genre new movies and TV series suitable for the upcoming Halloween season. From new horror series from genre legends like Mike Flanagan and Guillermo del Toro to a modernized Stephen King adaptation, Netflix seems like the place to be for horror fans this Halloween: this fall, it looks like they have some fantastic shows and movies coming to the platform.


‘M. Harrigan’s phone

Released on October 7

What would a Halloween season be without a new Stephen King adaptation, right? Well, Netflix and Blumhouse are coming together for an adaptation of Mr. Harrigan’s phone.

The film, based on King’s short story in If it bleedsfollows a young boy (Jaeden Martell) who discovers that the phone he gives to a recently deceased man (Donald Sutherland) carries a dark connection that affects his life. A new King adaptation is always an easy draw for horror fans, and a recent trailer showcased some dark and disturbing material that’s sure to terrify audiences.

“The Midnight Club”

Released on October 7

After becoming Netflix’s go-to guy for horror with his Haunted series and Midnight MassMike Flanagan returns with a new horror series, The Midnight Club.

Based on Christopher PikeThe 1994 novel of the same name, the series will follow a group of terminally ill children in a hospice who begin to feel haunted after the sudden death of one of them. The Midnight ClubMidnight Society’s core group instantly kicks up vibes, and with Flanagan directing and writing select episodes and acting as showrunner, horror fans won’t want to miss another spooky masterpiece.

“The Curse of Bridge Hollow”

Released October 14

While there’s plenty of gory and gruesome horror content Netflix is ​​delivering this fall, there’s an upcoming horror movie suitable for the whole family with The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

The film follows a father (Marlon Wayan) and daughter (Priah Ferguson) trying to stop the curse that brought spooky Halloween decorations to life in their new town. With Truth or Dare director Jeff Wadlow direction, The Curse of Bridge Hollow could easily provide some good horror entertainment, and a recent trailer shows it off as a great family movie for this Halloween season.

“Unsolved Mysteries” (Season 3)

Released October 18

by Netflix Unsolved mysteries returns for its third season in October and will surely deliver more unresolved horrors that will shock and terrify viewers.

The third season will feature more murders and unsolved mysteries that will have viewers putting on their detective hats and pulling out their notepads to uncover the truth in the horror. Unsolved mysteries was a big hit and a powerful driving force in the true crime/mystery section of its content, so its return is not to be overlooked.

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“28 Haunted Days”

Released October 21

Netflix has a new reality TV series coming with 28 haunted days, which features a ghost-hunting premise that will quickly hook horror fans.

The series follows groups of paranormal investigators tasked with staying in some of America’s most notoriously haunted locations for 28 days to see what they can uncover. Those looking for good paranormal scares and maybe missing out on shows like ghost hunters won’t want to miss 28 haunted days when it hits Netflix this Halloween season.

“Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities”

Outings from October 25 to 28

Master of Horror Guillermo del Torois launching a new horror anthology series on Netflix this fall with its Cabinet of Curiosities which will bring together acclaimed directors of the genre to tell horrifying new stories.

While details on what these new horror stories will produce are scarce, there’s no denying that the series’ lineup of directors and actors is stacked. From directors like Jennifer Kent (The Babadook) and Panos Cosmetics (mandy) directing episodes alongside other horror veterans to notable actors like Andrew Lincoln, Sophie Boutella, Rupert Grintand others should appear, del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities could be a great new horror anthology for Netflix this fall.

‘Wendell and Wild’

Released October 28

Coraline director Henry Selick returns this fall with another horror-themed stop-motion story that sees a beloved couple reunite with Wendell and savage.

Wendell and savage follows the titular pair of demon brothers (voiced by Key Keegan-Michael and Jordan Pele) as they attempt to gain access to the world of the living with the help of Kat (voiced by Lyric Ross). Selick delivering a new animated horror story is always a treat, and the fact that it’s also home to a Key and Peele the reunion makes it even better. Plus, this recent trailer looks great and rave reviews come from its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival: it could be one of Netflix’s best movies this fall.

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Released November 17

Dark is one of Netflix’s strongest horror films and international content, and its creators are returning for a new horror series titled 1899.

The series will take viewers through dark and stormy seas as the passengers of a migrant ship make a horrifying discovery when they encounter another ship adrift. 1899 might arrive long after Halloween ends, but it will no doubt continue Netflix’s horror dominance this fall and could provide the service with another hit international horror series.


Released November 27

We recently secured a release date for one of Netflix’s most anticipated series this fall, Wednesdayit will see Tim Burton return to The Addams Family franchise for an original story centered around a fan-favorite family member.

The series will follow Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) as she travels to a new school where she attempts to solve the town’s mass shooting and a supernatural family mystery. Ortega could easily be a breakout force like Wednesday with the incredible snark and horror charm shown in the trailers. This series looks like a Addams Family a fan’s dream come true, especially with Burton’s return to directing.


Releases on December 1

While director Roar Uthaugthe next norwegian action-adventure movie from Troll Won’t be as spooky or spooky as other films and series coming this fall, it will still appeal to horror fans due to its titular mountainous troll.

The film sees a ragtag group of characters band together to stop a gigantic troll that has been awakened after wreaking havoc on nearby villages and towns. Troll could easily draw in horror fans with the destruction of its ancient troll and could be a fun, not-so-scary adventure to end the year.

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