Where to watch Karen the movie? Streaming details, cast and everything about the Taryn Manning star

Karen released on September 3 and stars Taryn Manning of Orange is the new black Fame. The film has the same title as the urban slang term Karen. The disapproving term “Karen” refers to middle-aged white women who are obnoxious and authoritative. They often act in a racist manner and exercise their privilege in front of the authorities.

In an interview with Mr. Warburton magazine, Taryn Manning mentioned some of the criticisms she has faced from some white women regarding her portrayal of Karen.

Manning said,

“I kind of took it head-first and like I would say to people, you know, ‘I’m so sorry that you feel like this. I have been attacked a lot by white women who felt that I had betrayed my own race.

Due to the sensitive nature of the film, Karen has been heavily criticized.

All about Karen

Streaming output

The film was produced by BET Films and released on September 3 in both theaters and on select PVOD platforms like Google Play. The film is slated for release on Netflix on October 15.


Taryn Manning in the movie (Image via BET)
Taryn Manning in the movie (Image via BET)

The film is about Karen Drexler trying to drive out her African American neighbors at all costs. Young black couple Malik and Imani move into a new suburban home where they meet Karen, who seems sympathetic at first.

However, it soon becomes apparent that Karen is racist and wants them kicked out of her neighborhood. Despite this, the couple refuse to comply with their legitimate and racist attitude.

To throw

Malik and Imani played by Cory Hardrict and Jasmine Burke (Image via BET)
Malik and Imani played by Cory Hardrict and Jasmine Burke (Image via BET)

The film stars Taryn Manning as Karen, Cory Hardric (from Bronzeville glory) plays Malik, and Imani is played by Jasmine Burke (of Saints and sinners Fame).

Karen is written and directed by Coke Daniels. Cory Hardrict and Taryn Manning are also executive producers of the film.

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