Where to watch Paranormal Activity 7? Is the new movie streaming?

Considered a soft restart franchise, Paranormal activity 7, Where Paranormal activity: next of kin, is the last film in the long series based on found horror images. The new film is directed by William Eubank and written by Christopher London.

Despite Paranormal activity: phantom dimension being billed as the final installment in the franchise, it didn’t take long for Paramount Pictures to change their minds and start working on a seventh film. The new film is set to be released this weekend in streaming.

In it, a young woman tries to figure out what happened to her mother after her mysterious disappearance years ago.

Where to watch Paranormal Activity 7

The only place you can look Paranormal activity: next of kin is on Paramount +. You will need a subscription to watch the film, which will be available on Friday, October 29. Most Paramount + Originals release at midnight PT and 3:00 a.m. ET, although sometimes that time can vary. Start checking your time at midnight (check World time buddy for a more precise estimate to see what time midnight PT is for you).

Paramount + plans start at $ 4.99 / month. There are several levels depending on whether you want to pay for an annual payment or without advertising. The streaming service offers a 7-day free trial period.

Where to watch all other Paranormal Activity movies

Do you want to watch the other six movies in the franchise before you watch the most recent one? Below is a list where all Paranormal activity the movies can be streamed.

  • Paranormal activity (2007) is broadcast on STARZ
  • Paranormal activity 2 (2010) is broadcast on STARZ
  • Paranormal activity 3 (2011) is broadcast on EPIX, Showtime and Paramount +
  • Paranormal activity 4 (2012) is broadcast on EPIX, Hulu and Paramount +
  • Paranormal activity: the marked ones (2014) airs on IMDb TV, Pluto and Paramount +
  • Paranormal activity: phantom dimension (2015) airs on Pluto and Paramount +

Are you looking forward to watching Paranormal activity 7 this evening? What’s your favorite movie in the franchise?

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